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Compass Transport: take charge of transport operations

Get cash to the right place at the right time with Compass Transport, ensuring the fluid management of end-to-end logistics for Cash-in-Transit companies.

Compass Transport is a standalone solution that ensures CiTs collaborate efficiently with cash supply chain partners, enabling operational transparency and keeping close track of service-level agreements. This solution offers sophisticated route planning and stock management, end-to-end package tracking, and the automation of transport services, therefore reducing operational costs and ensuring immediate responses to incidents for consistent and punctual services.


Features at a glance

  • Real-time visibility: Barcode scanning enables the full traceability of valuables, assets, and services for operational efficiency and security. 
  • Automated planning: Auto-plan routes based on master routes, assign assets, and conveniently communicate changes on the go for optimal service and adaptability.
  • Android App: The Compass Transport Android app walks crew step-by-step through a secure and successful journey, recording every activity along the way, online and offline.
  • New and modern interface: The updated user interface is both eye-catching and easy to use, enhancing efficiency in deployment, usability, and application management. 
  • Simple integration: Integrate easily with electronic locks, route optimization systems, and cash center systems for operational gains. Seamlessly embed into the IT landscape by the use of APIs.

Fluid end-to-end cash logistics

Track orders for consistency

Compass Transport enables a bird’s-eye view of all route operations from beginning to end. CiT operators and clients communicate through nearly real-time progress updates, managing expectations and ensuring the fulfillment of service-level agreements.

Flexibility ensures great service

Easily make changes, such as package rerouting and on the go route changes with this adaptable solution. Benefit from the flexibility to adjust for repacks, recollects, split routes, and adapt easily to other exceptions on CiT routes, optimizing costs and ensuring consistent service.

Trust highly secure operations

Compass Transport upholds the highest security standards with barcode-driven controls that record the movement, location, and transfer of liability of packages and items from the beginning of a route to completion upon return to the depot. Each action performed on the road and within the depot is recorded, mitigating discrepancies and risk.

Modern software provides significant benefits

The modernized web-based user interface and technology improves data accessibility and security. The future is in the cloud for many customers, and these improvements enable the option to deploy Software-as-a-Service models for businesses hoping to make that change. Intelligently redesigned workflows simplify configuration and minimize clicks, without sacrificing crucial visibility and control.

Software that puts currency in motion

Control that extends beyond cash transportation

To gain optimal efficiency and control, Compass Transport software has been designed to integrate seamlessly with other G+D software solutions. Gain additional benefits, such as cash center and vault automation and accurate ATM forecasting. Discover the difference Compass Solutions make, designed for customer success.

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