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Compass Asset Manager: centralized visibility and reach across all assets

Compass Asset Manager is the next step towards advanced cash-handling solutions. It enhances your connectivity for a centralized view of your banknote processing systems, plus quick reach over cash processing systems.

Compass Asset Manager is an integrated software solution that provides administrators with a single platform for a comprehensive overview of their connected banknote processing systems (BPS®). It allows administrators to access, evaluate, and update all of their banknote systems from one convenient spot, regardless of the location of each machine. BPS machines can be in different cities or even different countries.

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Compass Asset Manager is connected to assets across different locations. The list of accessible systems will be constantly expanded.

The convenience that this software solution provides also creates central transparency across regions. Users can maximize operational efficiency and optimize costs by instantly updating systems from afar. This means that you no longer need to take your entire fleet offline when performing an update to your BPS® hardware.

Information on asset location also helps keep track of inter-site asset movement. Centralized asset services across all locations ensure maximum convenience and availability for administrators, and are supported with continuously updated information and remote access.

G+D provides state-of-the-art cash processing and cash sorting systems, which are complemented by customized service and sophisticated software solutions. Read on to see the specifics of Compass Asset Manager and why it may be right for you.

Features at a glance

  • Centralized visibility – Make informed decisions with regard to asset placement based on the overview and operational transparency offered centrally over the entire fleet.
  • Asset administration – Gain access to up-to-date overviews of the whole banknote processing fleet and inventory structure assets by location and organization
  • Remote software updates – Adapt to regulatory changes faster than ever before with frequent and on-demand updates and upgrades.
  • Upload of serial number search list – Quickly transmit banknote serial number lists to assets, so they can be checked and tracked and to unlock further traceability.

Centralized visibility

Centralized visibility for your asset management software allows you to view the operations and processes across your entire fleet regardless of where they are located. This provides remote operational transparency, so that you can monitor every system from one single location.

The centralized visibility offers trend analyses, fleet maps, and up-to-date information as to the status and utilization of assets. Total visibility of utilization enables informed decision-making to guarantee security and the placement of the right assets with the right capabilities across different locations.

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Visibility of your systems across the region allows for immediate action. (Example: India, a large country with many regions and potential for many locations)

Remote updates & upgrades

This easy-to-use asset management software makes users privy to which systems require upgrades and provides an overview of available upgrades for each system. Users can easily initiate these software upgrades remotely, without the need for on-site technicians or outside vendors.

Compass Asset Manager eliminates the requirement for machine downtime during operational hours by offering on-demand and flexibly scheduled upgrades. Within a few hours, companies can adapt to regulatory or desired changes in banknote processing.

Remote upload of serial number search list

The Compass Asset Manager software also enables the quick and flexible transmission of new serial number lists to assets remotely. The user can remotely upload the serial numbers of banknotes to desired assets. The serial numbers can be quickly circulated to assets and incorporated in the banknote processing without any delays or any risk of tampering with the data.

This feature is especially vital for a provider that may need to search for a fraudulent banknote in circulation or a banknote associated with criminal activity. By having one central access point to upload the flagged serial number, users save themselves the complicated logistics of contacting multiple branches. Instead, your fleet of BPS® machines will be updated automatically and can quickly locate and reject the note.

Get the Compass Asset Manager software now

The Compass Asset Manager software just needs to be implemented on the server and network where the program will be utilized. All (supported) G+D BPS® hardware has been fitted with a corresponding interface.

This is a web-based application. Customers should verify that their connection and access is secure before using Compass Asset Manager.

Compass Asset Manager is an efficient, user-friendly software solution that enhances end-to-end operations. Its ease and convenience help save managers and employees at central banks and cash centers time and resources, so that they can spend their day focused on other parts of the currency cycle.

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Centralized visibility and reach across all assets

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Compass Asset Manager is the next step towards advanced cash handling, increasing the connectivity of your systems for centralized visibility and quick reach over cash processing systems regardless of geography.

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