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Compass System Intelligence: using data to improve efficiency

Get powerful insights into cash processing across all of your sites with Compass System Intelligence – software that gives you the tools to boost productivity and efficiency

The performance of machine-based cash processing can be improved significantly with access to high-quality data. Real-time visibility and detailed overviews of throughput rates and rejected banknotes, for example, can transform operations by giving you more control, boosting productivity, and reducing idle time. Compass System Intelligence is an integrated software solution featuring state-of-the-art digital twin technology that allows you to access, monitor, and utilize the crucial banknote processing data of all machines in all cash centers. A customizable, intuitive user interface allows each user to personalize their own dashboard, enabling them to better spot inefficiencies, predict and plan maintenance or personnel requirements, and make data-driven decisions.

Screenshot of the Compass System Intelligence application from G+D
Screenshot of the Compass System Intelligence application from G+D
Screenshot of the Compass System Intelligence application from G+D
Screenshot of the Compass System Intelligence application from G+D
Screenshot of the Compass System Intelligence application from G+D

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Guaranteed visibility: gain a comprehensive understanding of your machines at all sites with access to a huge range of data
  • Sophisticated KPI monitoring: use the data as a metric to manage a wide range of performance indicators in real time
  • Cutting-edge technology: digital twin technology keeps your operations up-to-date
  • Intuitive design: get the right information in the right hands by configuring multiple user profiles and cockpits on your dashboard
  • Maximum transparency: stream data from your banknote processing machines live onto large shop-floor screens
  • Highly secure: safely view or share data thanks to two-factor authentication and encrypted storage

A data-rich cash center Compass System Intelligence

Optimize existing operations

Get detailed views of a wide range of data to improve operational performance. Access the number of processed, stacked, rejected, or shredded notes and view machine maintenance requirements quickly and easily. Analyze processing and workforce data, and get greater visibility of machine utilization, throughput, and idle time.

Improve control

Set thresholds for KPIs such as volume, throughput, run time, reject rate, jams, and/or stoppages – and receive alerts when these thresholds are exceeded. Enhance your ability to plan, prepare, and set new benchmarks by improving the control you have over important performance measurement data of all machines at all sites.

Increase responsiveness and adaptability

Benefit from state-of-the-art digital twin technology to increase the capabilities of your cash centers. Digital twins are a digital representation of physical assets that deliver accurate, real-time data insights, such as the status and location of cash. This technology enables historical data analysis and the detection of process gaps that can improve how you operate.

Enjoy intuitive operation

Configure the software by adding or removing widgets to tailor it to the particular requirements of different users. This allows managers, operators, and technicians to see the data customized to their needs. View the Compass System Intelligence on multiple devices, from desktop to mobile, so you are always in control.

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Enhancing control and visibility to facilitate operational efficiency

Combining state-of-the-art visualization technology, comprehensive data insights, and an interactive user interface, Compass System Intelligence is the extensive tool for those who drive operational excellence.

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