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Compass Forecasting: Efficiently manage large populations of ATMs and cash points

A flexible, state-of-the-art software solution that allows commercial banks to efficiently manage large populations of ATMs and other cash points.

Compass Forecasting intelligently simplifies inbound and outbound cash processes, provides real-time insight into the status of ATMs and other devices, automates order forecasting and creation, and can trigger collections once specified balance limitations have been reached. Highly configurable, Compass Forecasting software enables branches and their staff to receive accurate forecasts, efficiently manage inventory, and create optimized orders to respond promptly to a dynamic world.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Reduce costs: Benefit from the flexibility to pre-define thresholds in the system that will alert users in advance to excessive or insufficient stock levels. React in a timely manner to minimize emergency orders and reduce insurance costs.

  • Plan Ahead: Stay abreast of fluctuations in inbound and outbound flow that occur due to seasonal events. Pre-programmed events alert management to these fluctuations for optimized resource planning and adaptability.

  • Accurate daily forecasting: Actual and historical data empower data-driven decisions by granting visibility into stock levels per denomination and cash point. Optimize restocking services and maintenance, therefore reducing transports, holding costs, and ensuring insurance coverage


Efficiently manage large populations of ATMs

Ensure the availability of cash anywhere, anytime at the lowest cost. Monitor geographical locations of cash points with Google Maps and their cash levels per denomination while also enabling a multi-vendor strategy. Obtain important management information to reduce errors, gain visibility on transport service performance, and make data-driven management decisions.

React to changing market conditions

React timeously to macro- and micro- economic changes, such as interest rates, general cash usage, and local cash usage. Compass Forecasting automatically detects future usage trends based on historical data. The modern dashboard enables users to visualize these trends in detailed, easy-to-read  tables and graphs. Effectively predict future scenarios and compare them with actual and past scenarios.

Improve cash management operations

Integration with external applications ensures real-time data processing enhances transparency for banks and supply chain partners, whilst adhering to strict security measures. Therefore, the software provides a concise and clear end-to-end overview of cash movement, minute to minute.



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Software that empowers change

Leverage data to ensure the efficiency of cash operations

Make data-driven decisions to enhance cash management operations. With an everchanging world, Compass Forecasting’s state-of-the-art software provides the insight to react faster, control costs, and ensure customer satisfaction. Commercial banks rely on the accuracy of Compass Forecasting, creating confidence by design.



Optimize the availability and cost of cash with intelligent software

Manage large populations of ATMs and other cash points while ensuring the availability of cash anywhere, at any time. Obtain important management information to reduce errors, gain visibility on transport service performance, and make data-driven decisions.

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