Banknote processing system BPS® C1, which has a compact size and application flexibility

BPS® C1: smart, fast, robust

The compact size and application flexibility of the BPS® C1 banknote processing system enables universal use. It is particularly well-suited for back office use in banks, as well as cash centers and casinos. The 2 stacker machine (1 sorting and 1 reject compartment) can be individually configured, and the system integrates smoothly into established workflows.

The BPS® C1 counts and authenticates banknotes and sorts them by denomination, series and orientation depending on the operation mode selected. In addition, it offers multi-currency processing for up to ten currencies, fitness sorting and reading of serial numbers and Ticket processing (TITO). Processing speed of up to 1,300 banknotes per minute ensures low processing costs with highly reliable authenticity verification – a clear advantage for cash centers of all sizes.

Benefits at a glance

  • Rapid sorting by denomination, series and orientation
  • Secure authentication and value verification
  • Multicurrency processing for up to ten currencies
  • Optional quality sorting for up to 3 fitness classes (ATM, FIT®, UNFIT)
  • Highly cost-efficient due to ease of use and durability
  • Service support: Remote access for updates, upgrades, monitoring und diagnosis
Output tray of the BPS® C1 with 20€ bills

Ease of use

The intuitive operation of the BPS® C1 system assures rapid placement in production. Versatile applications and the ability for two individuals to operate the system in parallel save time and ensure efficiency.

The BPS® C1 can be optionally extended for example for processing checks, processing of mixed currencies, and for reading tickets (TITO) in casinos. Serial number scanning including printing to an external printer (optional) and subsequent data processing can be integrated, as can – of course – the processing and sorting of banknotes by fitness for circulation.

Reliable and multi-functional

The BPS C1 can also be connected to cash management software such as BPS Connect, Compass Cash Center Enterprise, or Casino Connect enabling greater transparency and efficiency in cash centers.

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Key information on the compact and flexible table-top system for banknote processing.

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