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G+D's banknote processing system BPS X9

BPS® X9: superior high speed quality inspection for print works

To guarantee the highest possible banknote quality, print works need to check the quality of each freshly printed banknote. The BPS® X9 is the current standard for Single Note Inspection for print works and is a record holder with a processing speed of 44 banknotes per second. The BPS® X9 also guarantees the highest reliability, efficiency, and accuracy.

With more than 100 systems working 24/7 in over 40 print works – the BPS® X9 is the global benchmark for performing quality inspection of freshly printed banknotes. The BPS® X9 boosts the processing speed to 44 banknotes per second achieving an effective throughput of more than 150,000 banknotes per hour which makes it the fastest processing system in the world. The clarity of its design and the easy-to-handle  user interface ensure intuitive and efficient operations. It is the central component of the Banknote Finishing Solution. It can be easily integrated in all cash cycle systems and comes with automated cutting and packaging possibilities, thus providing a true end-to-end solution for fully automated banknote finishing, from sheet to parcel.

Benefits at a glance

  • 44 banknotes processed per second with an effective throughput of more than 150,000 banknotes per hour 
  • Highest productivity due to optimized operating procedures, low maintenance requirements, and minimal service interruptions 
  • At the core of the fully automated finishing solutions by connecting it to automated cutting and packaging solutions 
  • Quality inspection based on best in class sensor suite NotaMaster®, the NotaScan® sensor families, and easy integration of 3rd party sensors 
  • High security by design with uninterrupted banknote and serial number tracking and measures against unauthorized access 
  • Data analysis tool suite for direct use during live production complemented with versatile reporting tools for external data analysis and IoT / automation integration  

From sheet to parcel – fully automated

Banknote processing system BPS X9 open front view

Guaranteed quality of each single banknote

State of the art industrial design

Closeup of banknote processing system BPS X9

The design of the BPS® X9 supports its functionality at the highest level and has been recognized with an iF design award for machine design and its easy to handle – but still sophisticated user interface.

Modules & services

Your data source to optimize production 

BPS® X9  records quality data for each banknote and stores this data in a central data base. By analyzing this data with tools like our Compass offerings , a printer can detect repetitive flaws in his printing process and improve the yield of the printing process. 

Our service for 24/7 operation 

To ensure optimum use of the BPS® X9 , G+D offers trainings for operators as well as service technicians. A support hotline provides technical support. Moreover we offer maintenance contracts tailor-made for differing customer needs, with an optional remote service access supporting fast reaction time and minimized downtime. 

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