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More insights into Scalable Cash Cycle Solutions

Small shreds of shredded banknotes fall in a pile

The importance of banknote destruction

In the same way that “what goes up must come down,” banknotes that are securely produced must also be securely destroyed. Banknote destruction is a crucial element of the cash cycle, because it ensures that banknotes that are no longer fit for circulation are removed from the cash cycle – for good.

Behind the window pane of a high-rise building stands a red machine on wheels with the G+D Currency Technology logo

Rwanda case study: optimization through integration

Integration allows vulnerabilities to be transformed into optimization potential. The first fully automated vault-management system in Rwanda proved that a holistic, integrated approach is the most reliable way to maximize operational excellence and security long into the future.

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Cash center of the future

What direction should the development of the cash center take if it is to survive in a dynamic, digital environment that is constantly changing? It needs to become an intelligent, secure, and efficient hub that informs the entire currency cycle and designs it to be future-ready. 

A security guard carries an aluminum suitcase out of a building

Dividing up the cash cycle cake

An increasing number of central banks are transferring elements of their work to cash-in-transit companies, commercial banks and other commercial players with the objective of making cash management more efficient. But can this happen without losing control over the process?

A stack of packed banknotes on a conveyor belt

The cash bundle as a service

Central and commercial banks are increasingly outsourcing cash processing. The example of the Central Bank of Brazil highlights the benefits of the service.

50€ bills inside the banknote processing system BPS® M7

How cash is processed with money counting machines

Cash needs to be produced, monitored and destroyed. Automated systems for money processing come into play here: from small cash counting machines in the retail trade to large machines with a throughput of 44 banknotes per second.

Above a row of slot machines is written in large letters 'Muckleshoot Casino'.

Muckleshoot Casino – relying on the right system

Muckleshoot Casino in the American Northwest shows how investing in a new system for banknote processing can significantly improve all the framework conditions for a soft count team.

Macau skyline by night

Macau’s turnaround starts in Cotai

After a 26-month recession Macau’s casino industry is back in the game with revenues growing up to double digits. Casinos were working hard to attract mainstream gamblers with tourist-friendly features.


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