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Detailed view of the StarSign Key Fob and a woman gaining access with the Key Fob

StarSign® Key Fob

G+D’s StarSign® Key Fob is is the unique biometric, FIDO enabled security key that combines FIDO with physical access control applications and payment applications in one device. It is a crypto hardware token in a stylish shape, convenient to carry and easy to use. The integrated fingerprint sensor on the top of the device can be used to quickly confirm transactions by pressing a finger on the sensor surface. Equipped with FIDO standards, the Key Fob authenticates the user and removes the reliance on passwords by using the built-in biometrics combined with a tamper-proof Secure Element and a multi-channel interface.

The StarSign® Key Fob is part of our StarSign® authentication portfolio and can be perfectly combined with our FIDO Server for a turn-key end-to-end solution. Thanks to the 100% FIDO compatibility, it can be individually combined with any other FIDO server in the market as well and can be used out-of-the-box in any customer environment. The user profits enormously from a very strong multi-factor authentication solution with highly improved security, usability and scalability, which is 100% compliant to standards like PSD2 and can be used on any platform at any time. More and more systems and services are enabled for multi-factor authentication with the open standard FIDO from the FIDO Alliance which allows use of the StarSign® Key Fob at a large scale for fast and secure logins.


  • Easy and secure authentication for access, approvals, payments and more
  • Convenient user verification by simple touch
  • Fingerprint biometrics with fast capturing
  • High security and strong cryptography based on smart card chip
  • Usage on different platforms with Bluetooth, USB and NFC
StarSign® Key Fob – the ultimate fingerprint device for quick, easy and secure online transactions

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Security at your fingertips

Explore how StarSign® Key Fob can deliver cost savings and an efficiency increase while matching the growing expectation and need for digitized, convenient and secure solutions.

StarSign® Key Fob – for enterprises

A man holds the StarSign Key Fob in his hand

The game changer for secure and seamless authentication

Enterprises nowadays have the challenge to integrate a variety of different employee devices like desktop PCs, workstations, notebooks, mobile device securely into their network. Existing solutions do not necessarily work on mobile devices and are not easy to integrate. 

Software-based authentication solutions are often regarded as not secure enough or do not satisfy the required security level in enterprises from a compliance perspective and are not easy to maintain in a heterogeneous IT environment. The StarSign Key Fob is the game changer allowing all use cases to be integrated securely and seamlessly without increasing the costs. It will largely improve the efficiency of employees providing a great user experience and a fast and easy handling of the device.

A man connects to his tablet contactlessly with a fob

Convenient authentication and signature

The FIDO standard together with technologies like biometrics and Bluetooth have revolutionized the way to login to systems by simplifying user communication and verification while providing a better security level at the same time.

StarSign FIDO Key Fob enables your employees to securely log-in to your company’s network and applications and to sign digital transactions.

A woman gains access at a gate with the key fob

Fast and secure access control

Enterprises want to improve the security of their physical access control systems and look for solutions which allow employees to pass the security gates by providing a high level of security and a fast walkthrough at the same time.

There is a strong desire for biometrics enabled solutions, that are convenient, easy and secure while using them to validate the user before granting access to the premises. StarSign Key Fob combines all of this and enables your employees to securely access your company’s premises or machines in a production environment.

How to set up StarSign® Key Fob

StarSign® Key Fob is easy to set up and ready to use. All you need to do is your fingerprint enrollment. Watch this video how to get your StarSign® Key Fob ready to go.

StarSign® Key Fob Fingerprint Enrollment Video

How to go passwordless with StarSign® FIDO Key Fob

StarSign® Key Fob onboarding with FIDO, convenient and secure. Watch this video how to register and enable StarSign® Key Fob for FIDO based passwordless authentication.

StarSign® Key Fob onboarding with FIDO

StarSign® Key Fob – for the financial services industry

A woman pays with her keyfob at the cash register in a cafeteria

For one touch secure contactless payment

Improving the overall user experience is key for financial institutions deploying online and mobile applications. User experience has a direct impact on customer retention, ROI of online services, and operational costs.

Banks are looking for solutions to simplify the process of in-store payments, to improve user experience and security at the same time.Dealing with PINs, as used today for credit cards and bank cards, is quite cumbersome and the trend to remove the PINs for lower amounts implies a high risk. In parallel new regulations such as PSD2 require strong two-factor authentication for any kind of payment transaction on the internet. G+D’s StarSign Key Fob is the answer to all these requirements and uniquely performs all in-store and online payment transactions securely remaining compliant, in a seamless and convenient way. It allows an active management of the payment credentials by the end-user itself and includes the creation, activation, deactivation and termination of virtual payment cards which are stored on the built-in Secure Element.


User manual

Cover of the StarSign Key Fob user manual

Discover in our user manual the single steps of setting up the Key Fob and getting it ready to use.

Data protection information

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Find more information on data protection for the usage of the StarSign® Key Fob app.

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