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Micro Oriented Variable Effect: Movement for Brand Protection

MOVE™ (Micro Oriented Variable Effect) uses dynamic effects to protect brands and products against counterfeiting. Its bold colors, punchy embellishment and relief-style embossing make it attractive and highly recognizable.

MOVE™ is a dynamic, multi-color, anti-counterfeit design element that is easily integrated for packaging enhancement. MOVE™ creates a new interaction between the consumer and the packaging for the brand owner. It attracts attention through the customer's active interaction with the attractive product packaging. Even on first contact with the packaging, the customer cannot escape the dynamic play of colors and intuitively engages with the product. Even without the use of lenticular or hologram films, MOVE™ offers the possibility of adding dynamics to even large areas at low cost.


MOVE™ features:

  • Interactive movement, multiple colors, dynamism, size variability and color shift
  • Can be implemented in most production facilities, utilising our expertise and micro embossing toolsols
  • Perfect integration: MOVE™ cannot be removed from the packaging without being destroyed
Infographic on MOVE's USPs

Demand for new graphical web application effects continues to rise in the premium market. The aim of these is to highlight USP´s and support successful marketing, and improve resistance to counterfeiting. MOVE™ achieves dynamic, multicolored, and custom effects without the need for lenticular or holographic foils. MOVE™ is protected by IPR.

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