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SIGN®: premium security feature with image change and dynamic effects

SIGN® surprises, communicates, and inspires confidence, with smart added value. It enables highly flexible design and interacts with the packaging concept. It allows high flexibility in design and interacts with the packaging design environment. In addition to the possibility of verifying the product's originality quickly, securely and without tools, SIGN® achieves maximum attention at the point of sale. More than 1,000 million packages for a wide range of different customers have already been equipped with security solutions from G+D.

SIGN® uses structured sophistication to reliably protect against counterfeiting, and offers interactive design with impactful effects. SIGN® is generated using special software from G+D, implemented with high-precision tools, and can be produced in standard processes such as packaging printing.

Standout features of SIGN®:

  • Impressive and unique dynamic effects based on micro-optics technology that are impossible to copy
  • Standard designs are avoided – all features are tailor-made and customized
  • Highly refl ective, metallic-look surface

Protect your brand

By simply tilting the feature createdynamic, striking and attractive effects that arouse the interest of your customers' interest and strengthen their trust in the product. Every entity in the supply chain – from the brand owner the various distribution channels to the to the end customer – can check the authenticity of your products easily and quickly. No additional equipment is required, as the effects are clearly visible to the naked eye. 


In addition to the classic versions (gold, silver, and bronze), other colors and color gradations are also possible. This can be achieved in an environmentally friendly way, including without the use of foils, and can result in impressive effects such as

  • 3D-element warping (depth/height effect)
  • Relief lettering
  • Information shift

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SIGN®: The smart protection for products and brands

Our SIGN® authentication solution combines cost efficiency with security and simple authentication with seamless integration into the supply chain. SIGN® makes your products resistant to tampering, counterfeiting, and substitution, and you get maximum security, appeal, and cost control.

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