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Convego® Card Designer – be the brand that is making consumer creativity the star

In a world of fewer branches, the card takes on a greater role as a physical link to the issuer’s brand. Convego® Card Designer turns a payment device into a treasured personal possession – by making consumer creativity the star.

Seamlessly integrated with your banking app, consumers can now personalize not just their card, but other payment devices – from wearables and wallets to novel options like toys – with a chosen image, from a rights-cleared gallery or their own albums. They can even put themselves in the app with an avatar, and add a family pet to the experience. It’s fun – but it’s also deeply personal. And doing so fosters a meaningful connection to the issuing brand.

However they customize their payment device, it strengthens their relationship with you. Positioning the issuer not just as a professional services provider, but as a trusted companion the consumer feels close to.

Why choose Convego® Card Designer?

  • Part of the issuance process: With Convego® Card Designer fully integrated within the banking app of the issuing institution, you are maintaining a smooth brand experience.
  • Opportunities for brand-building: In addition to uploading their own photos, consumers can choose from a themed set of pictures supplied by the issuing institution.
  • AI-Driven Design Revolution: Consumers can transform words into art with our AI Text-to-Image feature. Enter a phrase, witness it become a unique card design, and carry a masterpiece in your wallet.
  • Increased Card Usage: Personalized cards are more likely to be the 'top-of-wallet' choice, potentially increasing transaction frequency.
  • Professional backend portal: Set up and configure user services with an easy-to-use interface.
  • Standard production process streamline issuance: Issuing banks transmit card manufacturing data to G+D securely and simply, as part of the Smart Issuance process.
  • Fresh revenue stream for issuer: Consumers are able and willing to pay a premium with payment services integrated.
  • Data Insights: The choices customers make in card design customization can provide valuable insights into their preferences and behaviors.
  • Scalability: Designed for growth, our features seamlessly adapt to increasing user needs and numbers, enabling resource and capability expansion without the need for significant redesign.

Build your customer relationship as they design a payment card they’ll love


This fully customizable card customization platform offers fast deployment and a design editing suite that works desktop and mobile – and with a variety of form factors. What else? Get inspired by our product clip.

Product features that matter

There is more to Convego® Card Designer than a picture on a card

  • Design editing suite: The consumer can effortlessly transform text into visually appealing designs, upload an image or choose from an extensive themed gallery or design an avatar – all within the secure banking app they already know
  • Friendly frontend, professional backend: The consumer frontend offers a simple and intuitive user experience. And the backend portal that lets you configure it is just as easy to use.
  • Across multiple form factors: Not just cards, but wearables, wallets, toys, and a host of new devices that both enable and entertain the consumer.

Convego® Card Designer for NFTs

The NFT market is relatively new – but advances in blockchain technology mean that customers can own assets they purchase or create - like images - , and thanks to Convego® Card Designer, banks can leverage this connection to ensure their card remains top-of-mind – and therefore top-of-wallet. Convego® Card Designer now allows customers to use their own NFTs when they design their own payment card.

This link to a prized possession boost customer connection to their card and ensures that you’ll remain top of wallet.

3d model: hand holding a smart card with colorful lights that pass quickly

Empower your customers’ creativity

Harness the power of generative AI to unleash your customer’s creativity. By simply engaging with intuitive prompts, you can empower your customers to create a distinctive image for their payment card - the only limit is their imagination.

With just a brief description, your customer can describe the card of their dreams, and our sophisticated generative AI technology will create a truly unique image—one that’s completely their creation and available nowhere else. From there, Convego® Card Designer can even use sophisticated cryptography to digitally ‘sign’ this design as an NFT, so your customers can truly call this image their own, taking the design—and your payment card—into their hearts.

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Cover of G+D Convego Card Designer with a 3D image of a family looking at a payment card

Convego® Card Designer

In a world of fewer branches, the card takes on a greater role as a physical link to the issuer’s brand. Convego® Card Designer turns a payment device into a treasured personal possession–by making consumer creativity the star.

Cover of G+D Convego Card Designer for NFTs with an 3D image of a hand holding a colorful payment card

Convego® Card Designer for NFTs

Although almost anything can be represented by NFTS, the most common usage is digital images and collectibles. Download to see what Convego® Card Designer can do with NFTs.

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