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Convego® Ceramic: precision craftsmanship for your most exclusive customers

Create unforgettable payment experiences with a card skillfully crafted from premium materials, perfectly designed to engage and delight your most valuable customers.


Ultra-high Net Worth individuals (UHNWI)—those with a net worth of over $30 million USD in liquid and investable assets—are among the most attractive and profitable market sectors. Many financial institutions agree; competition to attract and retain these individuals can be fierce. Understanding this market sector, knowing what they are looking for, and creating an arresting and compelling proposition can help your business stand out. To complement this proposition, a genuinely differentiating payment card can act as a tangible status symbol, embodying the promises that your brand is making to these customers. That’s why we created Convego® Ceramic—a card body made fully of ceramic, for your most prestigious customers.


UHNWIs worldwide—a large and growing addressable market


of the average UHNWI’s wealth is invested in the markets, funds, bonds, and equities—a great financial return for banks

$ 300bn

spent by UHNWIs on luxury goods every year, according to recent estimates

What are these customers looking for?
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Uniquely curated experiences

Private experiences, limited edition or access, bespoke or customized solutions, UHNWIs value experiences, products, and solutions that feel exclusive and personalized and provide a positive emotional experience.

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Understated elegance

UHNWI individuals value privacy and discretion. A valued product would be sleek, understated, and unmistakably sophisticated,

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A brand that aligns with their aesthetics and lifestyles

This market doesn’t necessarily look for products labeled as “luxury” or “premium.” Instead, the brands, products, and solutions they value demonstrate—through sensory and emotional impressions—how well they fit in with their lives.

Introducing Convego® Ceramic

Convego® Ceramic is the height of sophistication. Clean lines and a subtle sheen promise a wonderful world of possibilities, while the body is scratch- and fingerprint-resistant to guarantee lavishness that lasts. The first payment card anywhere in the world to have a card body made from 100% ceramic*, the card will surely be a head-turner. Known for its strength, delicacy, and sophistication, the material evokes a sense of timeless quality. It features a beautiful, high-end finish and mirror effect to elevate every payment to the extraordinary.

*100% ceramic card body is defined as the materials excluding the electronics, antenna inlay, and other secure components that make a payment card functional.


Durable elegance

With a robust card body and substantial 22g weight, our solution is well-equipped to cope with shocks. The interplay of black and gold hints at prosperity, timelessness, and regality.

A top view of the G+D Ceramic payment card over a black surface

Sleek and sophisticated

Sleek to the touch, Ceramic has a glossy, mirror-like texture evoking the purity of still water that your customers will want to return to repeatedly.

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Ultimate exclusivity

And that’s not all. G+D leveraged its expertise in innovation to create the ceramic card—exclusively available from us—meaning you won’t find luxury like this anywhere else.

A front view of the G+D ceramic payment card

Enabling extraordinary experiences

Convego® Ceramic is a tangible symbol of the esteem and status you hold for your most valuable customers. It can stand as an exclusive representation of any exclusive experiences, solutions, or opportunities that you make available as part of your offering for these high-status and high-value customers.

A payment card floating over a black background
A true status symbol

The crafted elegance of Convego® Ceramic signals to everyone the esteem and status of your customers—every time they pay.

A woman holding the G+D cermic payment card
Perfect accessory

Masterfully designed to seamlessly complement and accentuate your customers’ luxurious and highly-curated lifestyles.

Why choose G+D as your luxury payments partner?

Drawing on decades of experience within the payment card sector, G+D is the partner your business needs. The company ships over 500 million cards every year, supplying EMV® products to nine of the top ten financial institutions worldwide and 70% of the top 50. As the inventor of the smart card, G+D has always been at the forefront of innovation, which is also reflected by our industry-first pledge to remove all virgin plastic from our payment card bodies by 2030.

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