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It is easy to make the difference. With innovative card design.

Credit cards, debit cards, even gift cards designed with a great look and feel offer an ideal opportunity to customize. They enable you to differentiate, establish and maintain a close relationship with your customer. Designed with an image, photo or interesting material, these wonderfully thin little objects are powerful marketing tools. You can leverage your design and layout to become memorable and uniquely different. Customization of your card designs is not just a nice-to-have. It's a must-have in today's crowded and highly competitive environment.

Our Convego Factors card portfolio includes a wide range of special surfaces, effects, techniques, materials, and form factors from which to choose.

Together with our advanced technology, we offer you almost limitless design possibilities to thrill your customers with expressive and impressive card designs. Our teams can assist you in creating and launching your new line of exclusive, never-before-seen custom cards.

Wow your customers with iconic card designs

Keep in mind our motto, "Your success lies in your cards”. You can choose from a wide range of options for designing your cards. Surfaces, materials, colors, photos, and images are easily uploaded with your corporate design, your brand guidelines, or other individual specifications. And they can generate an irresistible source of pride and pleasure. Just browse and be inspired!

Image of a G+D credit card with the inscription 'CONVEGO FACTORS Colored Edge'

Convego® Factors Colored Edge

Colored edge cards provide you an attractive advantage that enables you to customize. Cards with colored core sheets give the edges of cards a dash of vibrant color. These eye-catchers are an up-and-coming trend. We offer a wide scheme of standard colors to make the card easily identifiable as customers pull it out of their wallets. Color is a very good opportunity for any bank and card issuer to differentiate itself.

Image of a G+D credit card with the inscription 'CONVEGO FACTORS Perpective'

Convego® Factors Perspective

We also offer credit, debit and other cards with layers and depth. Special printing techniques add three-dimensional effects to your cards by placing design elements on various layers. A fascinating 3D effect creates uncommon cards that stand out from the norm, just as their designs seem to stand out from the surface.

Image of a G+D credit card with the inscription 'CONVEGO FACTORS Translucent'

Convego® Factors Translucent

We take transparency a step further. Our innovative cards can be made to be semi-transparent or completely translucent, depending on how you want to customize. Our technology adds a sense of depth to your logo or designs with three-dimensional effects.

Image of a G+D credit card with the inscription 'CONVEGO FACTORS Metal Effect'

Convego® Factors Metal Effect

A shiny look and a solid metal surface can also help you invent a remarkable premium-quality feel. By layering metallic inks and foils, we can produce cards that have an attractive appearance while giving an impression of depth. Your prints and designs can either overlay the background or merge with it to craft a distinctive custom metallic look that makes your logo and visuals stand out prominently.

Image of a G+D credit card with the inscription 'CONVEGO FACTORS Nacre'

Convego® Factors Nacre

This factor makes your custom card seem like an unusual piece of ultra-designed jewelry. With their singular mother-of-pearl look, these exclusive nacre cards also exude a premium flair. Our card production process utilizes random patterns, ensuring that no two credit card designs — or any other kind of card — ever look the same.

Image of a G+D credit card with the inscription 'CONVEGO FACTORS Tactile'

Convego® Factors Tactile

Adding subtle tactile sensations on a card is an arresting and satisfying experience for customers. We are able to create special haptic elements by applying distinctive finishes and textures to card surfaces. Use this effect to bring your logos and designs to life.

Image of a G+D credit card with the inscription 'CONVEGO FACTORS Emphasis'

Convego® Factors Emphasis

If you're interested in a lasting effect, check out our Convego® Factors Emphasis custom offering. Add a touch of magic to your cards with sparkling, fluorescent, phosphorescent, thermochromic, or other optically variable inks and foils. Whether you want your cards to change color, glow in the dark, or shimmer in the light, we are able to create special effects unheard of in generic cards.

Abbildung einer G+D Kreditkarte mit der Aufschrift 'CONVEGO FACTORS Scent'

Convego® Factors Scent

Are you ready for an aromatic experience — delicate, woodsy, or heady? Enriched with microcapsules carrying the fragrance of your choice or creation, these cards will take your brand image further than images or words ever will. Instead of just being noticed, your brand will come to be associated with a positive, scented, and sensual experience.

Image of a G+D credit card with the inscription 'CONVEGO FACTORS Shape'

Convego® Factors Shape

Let's think outside the box for a moment. Our Shape cards come in many shapes and configurations. Yet they have a lot in common. They have been approved by major payment schemes. Whether you want to emphasize your logo, a key visual, or simply the fact that you’re different from all the others, a gamut of previously unseen credit card or debit card shapes awaits you.

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