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Making banking services effortless with just a card tap

In today's fast-paced digital world, customers expect secure access to banking services, but not at the expense of experience. However, the existing process of accessing banking services like onboarding, card activation, and customer authentication is neither completely secure nor seamless.

The future of banking is phygital: Combining the modern banking card, and the interactive aspects of the smartphone to create one integrated customer experience.

In most recent times, card issuers have been blending the physical card and the smartphone to enable a superior customer experience.

Convego® tap transforms the everyday life of banking customers by utilizing the trusted token (existing bank cards) for enabling frictionless access to the banking services-making it secure for the bank and seamless for the bank’s customers.

With just a tap of the banking card, our solution creates a simpler and easier customer journey into your mobile banking experience.


Use cases

Expanding the potential of payment cards across a range of applications

  • Frictionless Card Activation: Activate your bank card effortlessly by accessing your mobile banking app and simply touching it against your smartphone. A cumbersome process becomes easy, intuitive, and secure thereby increasing activation rates.
  • Smooth App Onboarding: Simplify the mobile banking registration with just a tap of the card (as a secure second-factor authentication) after entering the online banking credentials. This boosts signup conversions and time to access banking services– creating instant value for the first-time user.
  • Swift High-Value Transactions: An extra check for big-ticket payments – compulsory in many countries – is easy to accomplish with a single card tap against the phone. No need to handle inconvenient TAN/ one-time password (OTP) generators or apps for authorizations of online transactions or as a means of step-up authentication.

Convego® tap in a nutshell

  • Fast and highly secure rollout: The solution leverages the robust security aspects of the modern banking card and the smartphone.
  • A smarter approach to Strong Customer Authentication: Because it confirms two security factors – the customer’s knowledge of their login credentials and possession of the card itself, it achieves regulatory complaints and other global regulations. Further, it provides strong and dynamic proof that a customer is in possession of a bank card.
  • Strengthening brand recognition: Payment cards are one of the most visible parts of a bank’s brand and are seen as an extension of cardholders’ identities. Combining the issuers’ own payment card with the mobile banking app, provides a  digital-first approach putting your brand on top of competition-all the while deepening the customer relationship.
  • Highly Cost-efficient: Banks don’t need to modify or replace previously issued cards for the new method. Also, there is no cost for additional hardware, letters, or SMS. Convego® tap thus currently represents the most cost-effective means of providing bank customers with effortless access to their services.
  • Future-proof solution: It can also be combined with FIDO authentication solutions, leveraging billions of existing banking cards as secure FIDO hardware authenticators.
Cover of the Convego Tap success story

Success Story

In most recent times, card issuers have been blending the physical card and the smartphone to enable a superior customer experience. A European banking giant saw the possibilities and asked us to assist with a solution for several customer challenges.

Discover how Convego® tap enabled them to make banking services effortless and secure with just a tap of the card.

Learn more

Transform banking consumers' daily lives by employing current bank cards to enable frictionless access to banking services.

Explore more details with our datasheet.

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