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Convego® CloudPay eCOM and SCA

When it comes to e-commerce and payments, the biggest concern is cart abandonment at the checkout. However, tokenization and Strong Customer Authentication can prevent it. At the checkout, the consumer faces two types of authentication: first when logging in and authenticating herself as a user of the merchant’s app, and then for a second time at the checkout, with authenticating herself as owner of a card. This gives friction that leads to cart abandonment. But there are solutions merchants can leverage upon to balance compliance, costs, and UX such as a card-on-file solution (CoF) like our Convego® CloudPay eCOM solution supporting network tokenization.

With this solution, merchants can offer secure payments without having to store sensitive customer data, avoiding the need for costly risk management tools, and removing the risk of data security breaches and cyber threats. Instead a merchant can stay ahead of the competition by focusing on the core business and at the same time offer a state-of-the-art and convenient customer experience when it comes to fulfilling the payments at the checkout.

Convego® CloudPay eCOM and SCA in a nutshell

Combine CoF network tokenization with embedded SCA, the customer experience will be even more satisfying at the checkout. If SCA is already done when the consumer is logging in to the merchant’s app, the issuer can rely on that authentication and won’t ask for another one for processing the TRX, fastening up the payment process making it seamless. We call this delegated authentication. This is done thanks to optimized Card Lifecycle Management where the network token is decoupled from the funding card for automatic renewals, and as a result there is no need for the customer nor the merchant to update any card data if as/when cards expire as this is done automatically.

Network tokenization offers significant benefits over proprietary solutions:

  • Convego® CloudPay eCOM offers multiple payment brands and network tokenization with a single integration – scalability and convenience!
  • Automatic token refresh at card renewal, no interruption to scheduled payments and no discontinuation of service
  • Higher security as the tokenization goes through a Token Service Provider and each transaction has a cryptogram
  • Network Tokenization covers a variety of use cases such as in-car payments, in-app, and mobile e-commerce payments
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Frictionless payment allows consumers to shop online in a seamless way. But what about authentication? And how to secure customer payment credentials without disrupting the checkout process? You will find the answers in our trend report and our playbook.

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