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Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) introduces Entitlements-as-a-Service (EaaS) with support for eSIM Quick Transfer on iPhone

24/02/2023 Munich Giesecke+Devrient

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) and its partner NetLync launch AirOn360® ES enabling Mobile Network Operators to deploy Entitlements including the seamless SIM transfer on iPhone from physical SIM card or eSIM.

The way forward is clear as ever-greater numbers of eSIM-enabled devices are introduced. They enable mobile operators to offer convenient services such as simplified and digital activation processes, synchronization of all devices or (e)SIM transfers. And for users, eSIM allows them to easily connect or quickly transfer their existing plans digitally, and allows for multiple cellular plans on a single device. The ever-increasing number of network services like VoLTE and 5G, as well as enhanced device features amplify these capabilities. This is where the entitlement server (ES) comes into play as it plays a pivotal role for mobile operators to provide the best customer experience for their subscribers, thus reducing churn and increasing customer satisfaction. Specifically, the entitlement server enables operators to activate and deactivate services and functions on users' devices in an efficient way, based on the customer’s contract, and with eSIM technology on the rise, this part of the user journey is becoming more and more dynamic.

Additonally, eSIM is changing how subscribers activate and use their mobile devices, creating new use cases and new requirements for Mobile Network Operators – accelerating the adoption of eSIM for not just smartphones but all mobile devices including tablets and wearables. 

While many mobile operators already have Entitlements, new use cases are complex and time-consuming to deploy. G+D and its partner NetLync is now closing this gap. AirOn360® ES is part of G+D's eSIM management ecosystem, which supports mobile operators in the efficient and secure lifecycle management of eSIMs. It offers eSIM Quick Transfer on iPhone as well as all traditional use cases such as VoLTE, VoWiFi, 5G and more.    

AirOn360® ES allows Mobile Network Operators to quickly implement, test and deploy the required use cases through a self-led, developer centric and API-driven portal supporting their digital transformation. New use cases will simply become available in the developer portal via the corresponding APIs.

"We expect eSIM use will continue to increase significantly, so mobile operators need solutions that support convenient eSIM management, both from their own and from the customer's point of view," explains Philipp Schulte, Head of Connectivity and IoT at G+D. "In order to keep their customers satisfied in the long term, network operators should offer users optimal service. Our new eSIM Quick Transfer offering can play a crucial role in this." 

"Providing fast and easy access for operators to Entitlements is our mission. AirOn360® ES offers a new approach to carriers to deploy use cases, especially with eSIM Quick Transfer for iPhone. It enables mobile operators to deploy further eSIM experiences quickly and cost-effectively - with minimal integration effort," says Emir Aboulhosn, Co-Founder and CEO of NetLync. "With our innovative EaaS for Entitlements, we are now continuing our successful cooperation with G+D." 

About Giesecke+Devrient

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) is a global security technology group headquartered in Munich, Germany. As a reliable partner for international customers with the highest standards, G+D's solutions safeguard the essential values of this world. The company develops customized technology with passion and precision in four core areas: Payment, Connectivity, Identities and Digital Infrastructures.

G+D was founded in 1852. In fiscal 2021, the company generated sales of 2.38 billion euros with around 11,800 employees. G+D is represented by 89 subsidiaries and joint ventures in 33 countries. Further information: www.gi-de.com.

About NetLync

NetLync, founded in 2021, is powered by a dedicated team of telecom industry experts who have successfully developed and launched global software solutions that have reached millions of users worldwide. 

With the aim of transforming outdated solutions and equipping carriers of all sizes with the tools to deliver leading digital experiences to their customers, NetLync is proactively addressing the challenges faced by carriers and OEMs of all sizes as they prepare for the upcoming era of connected consumer devices and digital onboarding. 

Headquartered in Dublin and with offices in London and Vancouver, NetLync is represented by a growing and diverse team in 7 countries around the world, continuously working towards resolving the next challenge for the mobile industry.


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