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G+D unveils innovative solution to tackle counterfeiting and piracy

10/08/2022 Munich Giesecke+Devrient

In response to sales losses due to counterfeiting and product and brand piracy equating to billions across all industries, Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) has developed a new authentication solution SIGN®, for simple and rapid product authentication. Thanks to modern micro-optics technology, SIGN® offers the highest level of security.

From pharmaceuticals, alcohol and tobacco, to luxury goods, the problem of brand and product piracy affects manufacturers in almost every industry. To protect against counterfeiting, some producers use labels with integrated security features on their products. However, these can be cost-intensive and difficult to integrate into the manufacturing process. Now, G+D’s SIGN® authentication solution offers a secure, sustainable and cost-optimized alternative.

SIGN® is based on innovative, micro-optical technology with dynamic effects, developed using special software from G+D and applied directly to packaging with high-precision embossing tools. Consequently, specially printed labels are not required, thereby saving resources.

The solution applies 3D elements on to the product packaging, including depth and height effects, dynamic structures and information that changes depending on the viewing angle – all of which are individualized according to the customer’s requirements. The anti-counterfeiting element is thus tailor-made and flexible to support perfect integration into the packaging design.

The authenticity of a product can be verified easily and quickly with SIGN® across every part of the supply chain – from the brand owner through the various distribution channels to the end customer. No additional device is required, as the dynamic, unique effects are clearly visible to the naked eye by simply tilting the security feature. The combination of anti-counterfeiting properties and attractive design effects can also help brands ensure their products stand out.

The advantages of SIGN® at a glance:
  • High level of product safety due to non-copyable effects
  • Design flexibility with customizable effects
  • Seamless integration with other security printing technologies
  • Production integrated into standard packaging printing processes
  • Proven application technology from G+D
  • Reduced consumption of resources due to direct embossing on the packaging

SIGN® is based on established G+D technology that has long provided protection against counterfeiting for high-security products. These include banknotes and passports, whose authenticity can be verified by unique security features. The patented SIGN® solution is exclusively used in security applications. As an independent testing institute, Fogra conducted an investigation into possible counterfeiting attacks and confirmed the solution’s high level of security.

G+D's SIGN® service offering includes consultation, simulation, manufacturing and implementation. For example, G+D advises manufacturers on design selection and integration as well as production processes, before a realistic digital feature animation including an individual design is simulated. In addition, G+D develops all necessary manufacturing components such as the embossing tool in a high-security environment. Last but not least, G+D supports manufacturers with the process-neutral integration of SIGN® with their packaging printer.

"With SIGN®, we offer an effective solution that can be fully integrated into production processes and protects products against counterfeiting. And it does so with a high level of security, a wide range of design options and optimized costs at the same time," explains Oliver Paul, Security Features Sales at G+D. "With our SIGN® offering, we are pursuing the clear goal of combating brand and product piracy, which is becoming a worsening problem globally."

Further information on the SIGN® authentication solution can be found here.

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