Smooth Transit Experience

Transit cards by G+D enable high throughput and improve passenger satisfaction

For a faster future

The ever-growing number of passengers on urban transit networks is overwhelming operators. Crucial to enabling higher throughput and leveraging the full capacity of their infrastructure is ensuring an easy and smooth passenger flow. G+D Mobile Security has the experience and expertise to provide secure ticketing solutions to fit your needs today and tomorrow.

G+D Mobile Security has been delivering contactless cards since the mid-90s. According to ABI Research, G+D is one of the top three vendors in the world for smart cards.

Tap the opportunity of contactless ticketing

Contactless ticketing and automatic face collection (AFC) offer a superior passenger experience to traditional paper-ticket systems that cause bottlenecks and require intensive and costly maintenance.

What transit cards by G+D can do for you

Contactless cards by G+D are a win-win: passengers appreciate their reliability and convenience and operators benefit from low operating costs and better fraud protection. G+D contactless-card services include initialization, personalization, distribution, and lettershop services. We offer ongoing development, training, and highly responsive customer care to ensure top operational efficiency.

Operators win

  • Faster passenger throughput

  • Implement secure, automatic fare collection

  • Options for additional schemes and payment features

  • Prevent fraud and fare evasion

  • Highly cost-effective

  • Potential new revenue streams

Passengers win

  • Time-saving

  • Ease of use and convenience

  • Interesting additional schemes and services

  • Easier access

  • Durable cards

  • Simpler payment possibilities

  • Secure data protection on card

G+D’s contactless card range

Our range of contactless cards covers the whole spectrum of operators' needs. Naturally, we provide full individualization to deliver exactly what you require. There is much more than just the card. We cover all major global and regional technologies in convergence with all major payment applications, such as EMV, AMEX, MasterCard, and other major local payment schemes.

MIFARE® as most wide-spread technology

Mass-proven, highly secure, and compatible

MIFARE® is already at the heart of contactless infrastructures around the world. G+D offers public transport operators and system integrators a full range of proven and reliable products based on MIFARE® technology, which is ideal for contactless applications such as transport ticketing, loyalty and micropayment, event ticketing or limited-use ticketing, access control, and loyalty programs.

It's tap and go with Calypso

A versatile and upgradable contactless card

Calypso is a versatile technology option for contactless ticketing. Based on ISO 14443, it offers a standardized solution for numerous applications. It is cost-efficient and easily upgradable to accommodate advances in technology.

This contactless international standard was designed by major transport operators and has been used around the world for over 20 years. It is a mandatory functionality for specific markets (France, Belgium, Israel, Canada, Portugal, Italy).

As a member of the Calypso Network Association (CNA), G+D is an official provider of Calypso technology in Southern Europe and Latin America.

G+D also offers Calypso technology within its versatile ticketing card solutions, including microprocessor dual-interface or contactless-only smart cards.

The Calypso fare media can also be used on USB tokens, key fobs, NFC-enabled mobile phones, or JAVA contactless cards. This ticketing standard is a contactless technology for fast and safe transactions between readers and fare media.

The open standard for public transport – CIPURSE™

The CIPURSE™ card provides operators with high performance, versatility, and security and is ideal for new contactless systems or existing systems that need upgrading. Compliant with the rigorous CIPURSE™ open standard, the card provides top protection without compromising performance. The CIPURSE™ open standard was specially developed for AFC and other use cases. CIPURSE™ cards can easily be configured to include applications like event ticketing, couponing, and access-control systems.

Founding member of the Open Standard for Public Transport Alliance

As a founding member of the Open Standard for Public Transport Alliance (OSPT) with over 50 members from all over the world, G+D is leading the development of CIPURSE™ as a new, open standard for contactless systems.
G+D provided the world’s first contactless smart card compliant with the CIPURSE™ open security standard that is now being used in different projects in Brazil.

G+D CIPURSE™ product family tailored to customer needs

G+D offers a scalable product family certified to the OSPT Alliance CIPURSE™ Specification. Depending on the transit operator's needs, CIPURSE™ pure or CIPURSE™ pure+ (with MIFARE® compatibility) is offered. Our CIPURSE™ flexible range adapts perfectly to multi-application environments. Other ticket forms include key fobs, limited-use tickets, and embedded secure elements. G+D also delivers CIPURSE™ mobile for NFC-enabled phones (as a Java applet for NFC-SIM cards) so passengers can use their devices as a contactless ticket.

Security features of CIPURSE™ cards

  • Mutual authentication

  • Secure messaging supporting AES-MAC and AES encryption (OSPT)

  • Mandatory, mutual authentication of card and reader using AES-128

  • Online and offline authentication supported

Standards met by CIPURSE™ cards

  • ISO/IEC 14443-3 Type A

  • ISO/IEC 14443-4 protocol

  • ISO/IEC 7816-4

  • ISO/IEC 10373

  • Standard file structure

G+D services for contactless cards

Full and flexible services for all business models

We work closely with operators to make sure they get the ticketing solutions that exactly fit their needs. From system integration to consulting, our services ensure the quickest and easiest possible implementation and go far beyond the mere card.

  • Customization
    Customizable card production for greater security (materials, finishes, etc.)

  • Initialization
    Chip check and chip ID approval

  • Logistics
    Intelligent warehousing for secure card delivery to end-user

  • Personalization
    High-value season and annual tickets can be optically personalized with passenger ID, name, etc.

  • Lettershop
    Personalized customer letter sent out with personalized card

G+D moves passengers faster around the globe

We’ve supplied over 150 million contactless cards and tickets for transit customers worldwide in just the last three years. Here are just some of our many projects:


Lufthansa, Germany
G+D delivered the very first commercial contactless card worldwide in 1995. MIFARE® 1K for Lufthansa Ticketless Travel Program


  • Beijing Public Transit (BMAC), China
    Full transit smart-card program for bus, metro, and taxis since 2003 in both ID-card and alternative token formats (Crystal card)

  • Wuhan City, China
    Contract for contactless Crystal Card delivery for Wuhan City All-in-One Card widely used in public transit, such as bus, metro, ferry

  • Queensland Public Transport Department (QLD), Melbourne, Australia
    Contract to deliver MIFARE DESFire® smart cards for transit

North America

  • Washington Metro Area Transit Authority (WMATA), USA
    Multi-year contract to deliver MIFARE Plus® contactless cards for transit

  • Port Authority of New York & New Jersey (PATH), USA
    Multi-year contract for MIFARE DESFire® contactless transit cards

  • Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), USA
    Multi-year contract with monthly MIFARE Classic® 1K card deliveries

South America

  • Ferrocarriles Suburbanos, Mexico
    End-to-end smart-card solutions for Mexico’s suburban train operator. Services included on-card, monthly marketing campaigns plus technical consultancy in order to improve the security of the card

  • Metro de Medellín, Colombia
    Contract for MIFARE Plus® contactless transit cards and security solutions

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