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Convego® Recycled Transit Card: set greener sustainability standards

Welcome to the world of sustainable transportation with Convego® Beyond's eco transit card! Imagine having a contactless card that not only provides you with convenient and secure access to public transportation but also contributes to a greener planet. With its 100% recycled plastic body, the eco transit card is a perfect example of eco-innovation that promotes sustainable living. Whether you're commuting to work or going on a leisure trip, our eco transit card is a smart choice for anyone who values their environmental impact. Join us in the mission towards a sustainable future, one journey at a time!

With Convego® Beyond’s eco transit card enables transit firms, as well as other businesses to offer their customers cards with truly eco-innovative credentials. The eco transit card provides smart authentication, access, loyalty, membership, and payment solutions, all with a card body made from 100% recycled plastic. So, businesses of all types can benefit from cutting edge MIFARE® enabled technology, but at the same time demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and move forward their ESG goals. 

Eco-transit in action

  • Public transportation is already one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel. With eco transit cards, ‘green’ journeys become greener and better for the planet.  
  • Gyms that adopt the eco contactless cards for their access and membership needs can offer customers an eco-innovative edge on their healthy and active lifestyles. 
  • Company ID cards using eco  ensure businesses remain secure and efficient  – while supporting their ESG and sustainability strategies and aligning to their employees green values. 
  • Hotels that leverage eco contactless cards for room keys can offer their customers secure convenient access to facilities while still demonstrating their eco-credentials and standing out in the crowded leisure market. 

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Make your transit cards ready for a cleaner, greener future

With Convego® Recycled, Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) offers transit authorities another piece of the green puzzle: a fully recycled option for transit passes and tickets. The eco transit card repurposes 100% discarded PVC to make a recycled card, alleviating the waste burden on our planet and making our cities greener and more pleasant places to live.

More insights into Convego® Beyond

Image of a G+D credit card with the inscription Convego Recycled

G+D supports Rabobank

With G+D Convego® Recycled Cards Rabobank is introducing a new sustainable payment system. In addition, G+D facilitates the bank to further develop its customer service through an on-demand personalization approach.

A plant shoot circled by simulated dollar signs

Improving the sustainability of digital payment

Discover how reintroducing friction can boost the sustainability of digital payment ecosystems, help with banks’ customer acquisition, and improve financials.

Mastercard with logo for the Sustainable Card Program

Mastercard sustainable card program

The Mastercard Sustainable Materials Directory aims to help issuers offer more eco-friendly cards to consumers and empowers consumers to choose a sustainable future with eco-friendly cards.

A woman lies on a meadow holding a credit card in one hand and a smartphone in the other

G+D and Hypovereinsbank partner

Together with G+D, HypoVereinsbank is now providing its customers with environmentally friendly plastic-free debit cards. They will be using G+D’s Convego Natural Payment Card.

Smartphone screens showing a payment solutions with digital sustainability-oriented tools

G+D partners with Doconomy for climate protection

The global security technology group G+D and the Swedish fintech start-up Doconomy are joining forces to enhance payment solutions with digital sustainability-oriented tools. 

One person hands over his credit card to another, in the background is a green meadow

From plastic waste to payment card

G+D and the environmental organization Parley for the Oceans have concluded a partnership to produce a payment card made of Ocean plastic. Beyond the card, read how plastic waste can be turned into a symbol of change.

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