We connect the IoT and provide security for data and devices

With our leading IoT solutions, we ensure the global connectivity and efficient lifecycle management of IoT devices. Starting with production, continuing with the lifetime of the product, and ending with the deactivation of the device. Our experienced global teams assure that G+D is both partner and pioneer in tackling the three key IoT challenges: connection, secure transmission, and analysis. Since the beginning of the IoT, our company has worked with the largest and most well-known companies in the market. We address all stakeholders in both the enterprise and consumer IoT ecosystems including operators, device makers, OEMs, module and sensor makers, and semiconductor providers.

The market is ready for massive IoT

The IoT is growing rapidly, and the arrival of 5G will propel this growth dramatically. In the near future, billions of devices, machines, and systems will be connected to the internet in real time. Identifying, linking, and protecting them efficiently, while complying with national and international rules and legislations, will be the central challenge of this entire ecosystem.

Staying competitive in the complex IoT ecosystem

With the integration of IoT technology, enterprises face a monumental challenge. How can digital security be applied to processes that have never been digitalized or networked before? 

Businesses compete in a challenging environment where big data, IoT, and cloud computing rule. They also operate in complex environments that involve a large number of players. Many small and medium-sized enterprises find it especially difficult to enter the market under these circumstances.

To minimize complexity, IoT players are seeking to reduce the number of suppliers and partners they interact with. They look to work with just a small group of trusted suppliers who can provide them with flexible and securely connected ready-to-use modems.

Businesses want to ensure instant and uninterrupted interconnectivity. Customization is another important basic requirement. You need to be able to tailor a device both in the factory and in the field – whether it’s for a sensor or a smart building. No matter if your solutions are for managing enterprise integrations or other platforms, they must undergo complex certification processes and fulfill certain standards.


Lufthansa secures the future of air cargo with G+D

Lufthansa Industry Solutions (LHIND) is offering its customers secure, blockchain-enabled damage detection, powered by the integration of our SIGNiT® solution. In our case study, you can learn how this German enterprise ensures the integrity of IoT data in its logistics platform.

The trend is crystal clear

  • The number of cellular IoT devices connected to platforms are booming
  • Sensors, smart devices, industrial operations, and numerous other applications make this growth exponential, instead of linear
  • We will all be affected by this colossal IoT machine, which in its interconnected state can be considered the biggest machine ever to exist
  • Ensuring security and data integrity is fundamental. With increasing complexity, however, this becomes increasingly difficult
  • G+D is here to help – as your one-stop-shop for your IoT needs


The best interoperable IoT solution on the market

We offer a standard one-stop solution based on hardware roots of trust that bring eSIM (eUICC), security service, and connectivity together. Our solutions comprise flexible and secure connectivity for devices and IoT solutions for small and midsize OEMs, enterprises, and service providers.

G+D also offers a modular portfolio of eSIM-enabled IoT solutions for secure device connectivity, lifecycle management, and cloud computing connection. Our best-in-class support and years of experience help you integrate and scale products globally.

We manage the lifecycle of components that are relevant for trusted connectivity, data protection, and integrity. Our IoT packages offer the best interoperable systems on the market. They provide you with maximum flexibility and assure independent scalability. We make sure that IoT modems work globally, in all networks – so that both module and device makers can reduce costs and inventory.

From sensor to enterprise IoT platforms: We connect things

We offer secure, robust solutions for any enterprise that operates networked devices in the world of the IoT. G+D solutions connect, manage, and secure the IoT.

Use Cases

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IoT Security for Miele

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