Digitalize your processes with eSIM technology

eSIM management is more than the evolution of SIM cards from the physical to the virtual: It is one of the technologies that will have the greatest impact on the IoT and push its acceptance significantly. With a solid and reliable management solution for embedded subscriber identity modules in place, MNOs are well positioned to be key enablers of the exploding IoT market. In addition MNOs can create new and convenient consumer device journeys.

With our proven, award-winning, future-proof eSIM Management solution, mobile operators securely manage the lifecycle of cellular subscriptions. This solution addresses the consumer, enterprise and the IoT market. Consumers benefit from a convenient and fully digital user experience. This enables entirely new customer acquisition journeys for further target groups. The eSIM Management solution also fosters the development of innovative and attractive consumer device types, which in turn increases the demand for multi-device contracts.

Enterprises maintain a large number of connected devices, typically smartphones, laptops, and tablets. In an enterprise environment, these devices entrusted to employees still need to be managed by the company. Our Management Service allows enterprises to remotely manage employee mobile connectivity with flexibility.

Today, the fastest growing sector is Industrial IoT, which includes sensors, processors, systems, and platforms used by businesses to create greater operational efficiencies. IoT devices, such as sensor modules, logistics tracking systems, and manufacturing equipment take advantage of mobile connectivity and typically use eSIMs. Embedded subscriber identity modules make the rollout and lifecycle management of these sensors straightforward and efficient.

MNOs benefit from eSIM Management in many ways

  • Customer satisfaction: easy and fully digital customer onboarding
  • New business: convenient, remote, and instant customer registration leads to innovative new use cases, for example for travelers
  • Revenue growth: higher levels of eSIM adoption in consumer IoT increases sales of multi-device plans
  • Cost savings: end-to-end digital process eases logistics and allows fast and inexpensive customer acquisition
  • Attractive devices: eSIM technology facilitates innovative, slim, sleek but also robust mobile device designs
  • More customers: flexible and easy-to-use connectivity results in new Industrial IoT customers

Trust the market leader

We are the market leader – and thought leader – in eSIM management. G+D deployed the world’s first working management platform in 2011. We manage the majority of commercial eSIM deployments globally and provide most of the eUICCs in consumer devices. Our eSIM management platform AirOn is compliant with GSMA RSP specifications for consumer and M2M/IoT use cases. In addition, our solution provides extended functionality that has proven invaluable in commercial deployments. It also leads customers to re-engineer the end-user experience, generate more revenue, lower costs, and differentiate themselves in the market.

AirOn eSIM management platform provides:

  • Fully scalable services based on business needs
  • SM-DP+ functionality certified by GSMA, supporting all eSIM management use cases
  • Enhanced functions and uses cases beyond the GSMA standards
  • 5G compliancy
  • Support of all GSMA-compliant eUICCs
  • Maintenance and regular upgrades
  • Service availability up to 99.99 percent
  • High availability and geo redundancy

We support all consumer and IoT use cases through our broad portfolio of eUICCs and secure embedded operating systems, and with data and profile generation. Our offering also includes device-related remote lifecycle management products and services, such as eSIM Management, Mobile Device Management, Quality of Service Monitoring, Mobile Analytics, and Roaming Steering.

Products & Solutions


Our 5G packages give service providers the technologies they need for their networks at every stage – before, during, and after a 5G mobile network rollout.


Today, SIM cards ensure more than the pure authentication to a network: data protection, mobile applications as well as services such as payment, transit, and digital car key, in addition to IoT-focused security applications.

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