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eDES – Easy connectivity management for enterprises

Enterprises today use a wide range of mobile devices. Most employers and employees use anywhere from one to several mobile devices as an integral part of their workday. This includes smartphones, tablets, laptops, wearables, and more. When it comes to connecting these devices, cellular connectivity via eSIM is more secure and flexible than Wi-Fi.

Mobility in Business Life

Mobile devices make work more efficient and productive. Because mobile devices allow for better, quicker communication and collaboration, connectivity is vital for a company’s efficiency and competitiveness. They also allow employees and employers to work while traveling, commuting and the flexibility to switch between in-office and home office.

The Challenges of Mobile Devices

Efficiently managing the connectivity of all mobile devices within an enterprise may create a variety of problems:

  • Multiple tariff options for different devices
  • Multi tariff options for different employee roles
  • Management of global mobile contracts
  • Change, update and recall of cellular devices
  • Management of temporary needed cellular connectivity
  • Update and change of SIM cards

Enterprises need to maintain a large physical stock of SIM cards to cover different required tariff variants and global regions. The management of the cellar connectivity means significant manual work for the enterprise and even involves the employees. These processes are costly, cumbersome and even susceptible to error.

The eDES solution

The best connectivity solution for an enterprise’s fleet of mobile devices is the eSIM Device Enablement Service (eDES). eDES enables enterprises to remotely order, activate and manage the embedded SIM (eSIM) in their employees’ devices. This allows companies to digitize internal processes, reduce costs and provide flexible connectivity management for all enterprise devices. Furthermore, this removes the need to manage a physical stock of SIM cards. This fully digital eSIM management solution allows for a simplified user journey throughout the enterprise. Cellular connectivity management of the device fleets can be handled similar to software updates of PCs via the mobile device management platform (MDM), and manual steps can be reduced by more than 50%.

eDES Enhanced MDM Capabilities:

  • Integration into the existing IT system, mobile device management (MDM) platform and the billing system of the MNO
  • Remote and central management by IT Administrator
  • Full control of each device’s connectivity
  • Simplified full automatic eSIM profile download 
  • Lifecycle activities – SIM upgrade, repair, use during travel, re-use
  • Identity management for the device, employee and eSIM profile
  • Re-use of existing assets – AirOn DP+, MDM, IT portal

Enterprise connectivity management benefits for MNOs

By moving to an eDES you can provide your enterprise customers a full end-to-end digital user experience while reducing the cost and time needed to manage and deliver physical SIM cards. This improves the overall experience for all the enterprise, the connectivity manager and the employees.

Business benefits for the Mobile Network Operator:

  • Revenue: Solution to attract large enterprise customers
  • Reduced costs: Fully digital processes simplify the user journey on both MNO and enterprise side
  • Lower investment: Easy integration of eDES to MNO’s backend
  • MDM connection: eDES takes care of the integration to the enterprise’s MDM
  • Low effort: short time to market to onboard enterprise eSIM devices
  • Low risk: Software as a Service (SaaS), pay as you grow (PAYG) model, and GSMA certified SMDP+ hosting
  • Future proof: Service provided by the leaders in eSIM and service enablement

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