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What if sensor data could collaborate?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has long established itself as a pivotal technology for the future, driving efficiency, cost-savings, and increased capabilities not just in the currency industry, but across almost every sector. Within the realm of sensor technology, AI-based algorithms are delivering more precise analysis by mimicking human perception – and making sensor data collaborate in the same way.

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From data to service with software

Specialized software can be used to control and monitor cash center processes in a targeted manner. That’s why software is like a “conductor for cash processing". The following is a discussion of the “automation and data analytics harmony” that will soon be making cash center management more efficient and easier to plan.

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Forecasting cash to enhance profitability

Accurately forecasting cash has never been more important as banks and cash-in-transit companies respond to fluctuating demand due to the current pandemic. We talked with Tajan Joseph Kattacherry, Cash Forecasting Product Owner, to learn today’s key challenges, why forecasting cash is more essential than ever and how new technology can help. We also discuss some of the impressive benefits that companies can gain with advanced cash forecasting technology and get insights into the latest trends.

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Show me the money

To drive efficiency and provide higher visibility across the entire cash cycle, Cash-in-Transit (CIT) companies can leverage cash logistics systems. By including route planning, mobile route operations, track & trace, contract management, and billing, these new systems can dramatically improve operational efficiency, automate key processes, and optimize decision making. 

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Compass System Intelligence at the National Bank of Belgium

Gaining a better understanding of machine processing behavior, and any potential issues, helps banks to optimize banknote sorting. Fine-tuning the collection and analysis of data improves system insights and facilitates faster identification of problems and more streamlined operations, helping banks to ensure they reach their KPIs.

Dr. Wolfram Seidemann, CEO of G+D Currency Technology

Partner in digital transformation

The currency industry has been incorporating and implementing digital solutions for the past couple of years. While cash will keep its importance even in the digital age, underlined by the growing demand for cash, digital technologies will enhance the efficiency of the cash cycle. Dr. Wolfram Seidemann, CEO of G+D Currency Technology, talks about combining both worlds.

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Predict the unpredictable

Regarding the cash supply, e.g. after natural events like earthquakes, data intelligence offers crucial insights to handle all information and derive the right decision. Due to its ability to visualize, analyze and simulate disasters, it can dramatically change humanitarian operations and crisis management. 

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Fit or unfit? The right balance is essential

Banknote checking in the cash cycle requires central banks to ask how best to navigate the path between quality and cost. A software program helps to determine optimum sorting thresholds.


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