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Enabling contactless payment and swift access

Contactless experiences have reached a new level of acceptance in today's fast-paced environment. Not only are payment modes diversifying, but so are the contexts in which such transactions take place, like paying for groceries, your daily commute by public transport, or even access to a specific controlled place. To cater to these use cases – and many others –comes the customizable G+D Wristband.

It is a wrist-worn innovation that offers contactless payments, and swift access, with just a tap of your wrist – eliminating the need to fumble with a wallet, purse, or phone.

Some common use cases

A perfect match for today’s digitally connected lifestyle

A person pays contactless with the G+D wristband

Everyday payments

Let people simplify the payments in their everyday life. Be it paying for coffee, beverages, or anything else. With 'Just tap it' and no facial recognition or fingerprint, it elevates the user experience and makes the payment experience seamless. 

A scanning device for e-tickets in a public transportation system


Around the world, rail and bus companies are keen to improve their customer journey. Be it to issue travel tickets, grant access to platforms, or authenticate passengers. Using G+D Wristbands on public transit systems makes commuting more convenient and ticketing frictionless. As it saves daily commuters from the frustration of digging through their purse or pulling the mobile from their pocket.

Young people cheer to a stage at a festival


Identifying attendees, granting access, and purchasing food and beverages for events such as sports or concerts can easily be streamlined thanks to the G+D Wristband. With this, you can enable your visitors to have a secure and frictionless experience where they can do everything with a tap of their wrist. This facilitates fast-track access and a frictionless payment environment enabling more intelligent event management.


Transform your consumers’ everyday life and boost your brand

  • Elevate Convenience and Security: The G+D Wristband provides convenience and ease of mind while providing the required trust and security. Our wearable device tokenization solution works identically to the kind used for payment cards, so the device essentially becomes an extension of that card. It can be canceled, blocked, and managed just like a debit or credit card would, which makes it a very simple thing for a bank or an issuer to communicate to customers.
  • Increase Customer Loyalty: Contactless payment and access with wristbands and other wearable gadgets boost customer loyalty by providing stylish, quick, and easy payment alternatives. This provides an effective way to expand a payments brand, acquire and retain customers thereby strengthening the brand engagement.
  • Drive Revenue: Open doors for new revenue streams by transforming consumers’ everyday life and providing innovative ways for contactless experiences.
  • Stay on Trend: Contactless wristbands are on track to top many people's wish lists and become a must-have item in their digitally connected lifestyle where they want faster and more convenient modes of payments, And, unlike so many fashion items, these trendy lean wearables are not just fashionable, but also functional-something that resonates with everyone!
Colorful G+D wristbands flying through the room

About G+D Wristband: Why our solution is the right choice for your business?

  • Unbeatable value for money;  It combines FIDO with physical access and payment applications on one single device. With its highly competitive pricing and wide range of applications, it remains unrivaled in today’s market.
  • Exceptionally convenient: The companion app makes connecting the wearable to your bank account effortless. It's simply an extension of your payment card, the payment function is simple to set up, and the wristband can be easily blocked/unblocked through the app.
  • Bank-grade security: Strikes a perfect balance by masking highly sensitive user data (PAN) via tokenization that lets the wristband act as a proxy for a payment card, while remaining secure, even in insecure circumstances. It offers the same security level as your classic banking card. 
  • Intuitive and ergonomic: The wristband’s robust silica gel construction keeps the wristband tactile, attractive, and skin safe- plus waterproof, weatherproof, and shockproof. 
  • Highly customizable: Flexible design and printing options allow you to reinforce your brand every time a customer glances at their wrist. 
  • Future-proof and certified: Every part of our wearable ecosystem, from secure elements to payment applets and token requestors is certified, so you can rely on trusted, proven technology from day one.  
  • Faster time to market: Our fast deployment methodology, holistic approach, global footprint in the payment ecosystem, and technology certification relationships gives you substantial cost and time savings when implementing your wearable solutions 



Cover of the G+D wristband brochure

G+D Wristband offers contactless payment and swift access, with just a tap of your wrist – eliminating the need to fumble with a wallet, purse, or phone.

To dive deep and understand how it can transform the way you interact with the outside world, give it a read.

User journey

Cover of the G+D wristband how-to guide

Tokenization and FIDO for wearables

A step-by-step pictorial representation of how tokenization and FIDO works for wearables

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