Compass Vault Network: gain control over your internal cash position

With cash in circulation spread across sites, it’s hard to get an overview of your cash supply. Compass Vault Network helps streamline cash flow and reduce costs.

Cash inventory management is often spread across multiple physical and virtual sites, so it can be a juggling act for organizations to reduce costs, comply with regulations, and stay ahead of the competition.

G+D's new Compass Vault Network software solution is there to help. It’s specifically tailored to provide inventory managers with full visibility of operations all along the supply chain. As part of our holistic approach to software, this is the answer to the demands of modern cash inventory optimization. Compass Vault Network’s demand-forecasting capabilities improve the quality of the information you need for your strategic decision-making, leaving you to focus on reducing costs where it’s necessary.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Improved operational productivity: monitor, control, and optimize operating expenses more efficiently, using demand-forecasting capabilities
  • Reduced total cost of ownership: get a complete overview of the entire supply chain, allowing you to focus on minimizing overhead costs and increasing profitability
  • Facilitated exchange: benefit from improved peer-to-peer regional exchange, allowing better communication and customer service than hub-and-spoke to the central bank
  • Simple reporting and analysis: make smarter, data-driven decisions, using configurable, real-time reporting that delivers more transparency and better accountability
  • Application-managed hosting: enjoy peace of mind, knowing that data from throughout the entire organization is hosted safely, at every stage of operations
  • Trusted systems: stay confident, using software that’s designed around trusted Notes Held to Order (NHTO) and Note Exchange System (NES) schemes

Optimize resources with Compass Vault Network

Take control of your cash position

Compass Vault Network is designed around a highly effective cash concentration process, with automated inventory movement and dispatch control logic at its core. As well as providing valuable insights into replenishment planning and schedules, it can notify cash orders, send orders to regional NHTO financial institutions and regional hubs, and minimize overheads.

Get a 360-degree view

Generate reports anytime and anywhere, and gain an overview of your entire supply chain. Compass Vault Network is a single source of accurate data on multiple business functions. Generate management-level reports, carry out audits and stock balancing, monitor cash levels, and prepare forecasting based on regional stock turnover to optimize or on cash inventory levels.

Generate real-time reports and 3D forecasting

Compass Vault Network’s extensive reporting capabilities provide the insights you need to drive smarter processes and improve performance metric tracking. Highly configurable reporting allows secure, self-service access to data and visualizations. In addition, 3D forecasting generates forecasts to recommend optimum cash levels tailor made for your cash centers.

Future-proof the cash cycle

Designed around NHTO and NES schemes, Compass Vault Network continuously adapts to new technology and processes. As well as optimizing and managing the inventory of note pools and Notes Held to Order vaults, it smooths the process of issuing new cash series and withdrawing old series from circulation.

A holistic software approach

Get the whole picture, across the supply chain

To experience the full benefits of Compass Vault Network, use it in conjunction with other solutions from G+D’s software suite. Simplify cash processing center operations, predict future cash demand, and turn processes into operation excellence – so you can take control of the security, efficiency, and general optimization of your operation.

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