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Smart metering and utilities meet cutting-edge connectivity

At Giesecke+Devrient (G+D), we are at the forefront of revolutionizing the smart metering, energy, and utility industry by providing advanced mobile connectivity solutions. With a focus on innovation, reliability, sustainability and seamless connectivity, we enable our clients to optimize operations, enhance efficiency, and unlock new possibilities in the rapidly evolving landscape of smart utilities.

Smart meters typically transmit small amounts of data at irregular intervals, with data integrity being a key factor. Wind turbines, solar panels and other energy plants transmit large amounts of data and must be able to be monitored and securely managed remotely at all times. Such systems are often located in remote areas or even offshore. Solutions for this market must therefore be tailored to specific and sometimes very differing requirements of connected IoT devices. 

Mastering these challenges requires experience and a deep understanding of the market, as well as the trust of customers - qualities that define our solutions. 

Our solutions

Our "cellular IoT ready-to-go" for the smart metering industry and utilities combines solutions and services that enable a straightforward cellular  connection when the IoT device is first activated, as well as the ability to manage both the connectivity and the device throughout its lifetime.

  • Network Authentication: Our SIM solutions for smart metering include integrated SIM (iSIM), embedded SIM (eSIM) and pluggable SIM (pSIM) with customized hardware for industrial applications. 
  • IoT Connectivity: Customizable cellular connectivity for diverse IoT applications. Our global offerings cover 185 countries, collaborate with 600+ network operators, and support NB-IoT, LTE-M, LTE, 5G, and 3GPP-compliant satellite networks. Our connectivity serves as permanent, backup, and global bootstrap connectivity during initial device activation. 
  • Connectivity Enablement: G+D’s AirOn360® IoT Suite platform facilitates digital connectivity development through iSIM and eSIM management. Our platform supports the latest and legacy remote SIM provisioning (RSP) standards: M2M (SGP.02), IoT (SGP.32), Consumer (SGP.22), In Factory (SGP.42). 
  • Lifecycle Management (LCM): IoT Suite streamlines remote monitoring tasks for smart metering and smart grid devices throughout their lifecycle. This includes OTA campaign management and applet administration, with the ability to monitor devices individually or as entire fleets via our multi-tenant platform. 
  • Bring Your Own Connectivity (BYOC): Supporting businesses at every stage, IoT Suite allows enterprises to scale with our connectivity solutions and oversee existing agreements with third parties through a centralized platform, simplifying operational processes. 
  • IoT Security: Our SIM-based applications enhance IoT security and functionality, safeguarding devices and data. Additionally, our network security applications ensure the integrity of the cellular network environment.
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Key benefits

  • Energy Efficiency: Our newly validated iSIM, integrated into the baseband controller, is specifically designed to prioritize energy efficiency. 
  • Improved Sustainability: With our eSIM and iSIM solutions, we demonstrably contribute to the reduction of CO2 consumption by digitizing processes and avoiding the use of plastics. 
  • Process Simplification: Our solutions enable centralized management without local or manual intervention and support a single stock keeping unit (SKU). 
  • Seamless Integration: Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your existing infrastructure, minimizing disruptions and ensuring a smooth transition to advanced connectivity. 
  • Global Reach: Extend your smart metering capabilities globally with our expansive network coverage, providing reliable connectivity in even the most remote locations. 
  • Security First: Prioritize the security of your data and devices with our robust security solutions that protect against potential threats and ensure compliance with industry requirements. 

Counterpoint names G+D as an established provider for Connectivity Management Platform (CMP)

Recognition: G+D IoT Suite

IoT Suite has been recognized by Counterpoint as a challenger in the IoT CMP category. With the capability to oversee access to 600 networks in 185 countries, the feature-rich suite seamlessly integrates connectivity, eSIM/iSIM, and lifecycle management (LCM). This simplifies operations and demonstrates excellent compatibility with satellite connectivity for global coverage, making IoT Suite an ideal choice for smart meter deployments.

Why choose G+D?

G+D is the only end-to-end connectivity and IoT provider. We are the trusted partner for customers from various industries: Mobile Network Operators, automotive OEMs, consumer device manufacturers, IoT equipment producers, utility companies, the transport & logistics industry, chip and module vendors, technology and service providers, as well as enterprises from other IoT sectors. 

Explore the possibilities with G+D and unlock the full potential of mobile connectivity in the smart metering and utility sector. Contact us today to embark on a journey towards a more connected and efficient future. 


Case study

Cover of Sony case study

Empowering smart water meters with the Integrated SIM

G+D Mobile Security and Sony Semiconductor Israel have deployed the world's first commercial iUICC. Among other applications, they are used in LG U+ smart water meters. This is a very good example where the small footprint and the low power consumption of the iSIM comes into play.

Solution brochure

How cellular connectivity empowers a sustainable massive IoT

Massive IoT is a subset of the broader IoT ecosystem and involves the use of numerous interconnected devices, sensors and machines. This brochure explains how cellular connectivity and our centralized lifecycle management platform address various challenges of Massive IoT.

Analyst report

cover of smart metering report

Smart metering – The connectivity state of affairs

Unlock the future of smart metering with industry analyst Berg Insight. Explore global connectivity trends and adoption rates, before seeing how G+D’s cellular IoT simplifies connectivity for smart meter manufacturers. Dive into Berg Insight's insightful analysis for a comprehensive view of this evolving industry.

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