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Your frictionless and secure solution to activate bank cards

Today’s busy, digitally focused lifestyles require a more flexible "digital first" approach to issuing PINs, enabling customers to receive or retrieve their PINs whenever and wherever they need, without compromising security. Convego® eActivate and Convego® ePIN provide a simple, secure, out-of-the-box solution to enable issuers to deliver PINs to their customers digitally, through whatever channels are most convenient to their customers.


Experience a frictionless and modernized consumer experience:

  • Ultimate convenience & security at the same time (no sensitive data)
  • Cost saving as our solution complements and reduces the need for IVR, phone, or legacy activation processes
  • Increased ROI as cardholders will be encouraged to install and start using the mobile banking app
  • Amplified marketing opportunities for the bank with call-to-action features
  • Optimized consumer journey with personalized messaging in any context
  • Full harmonization with various Issuance Services (e.g. notification, renew, PIN management)

Convego® ePIN – help your customers in the activation process

Changing your PIN services to a "digital first" approach has several benefits:

  • Faster activation and first use: digital solutions enable customers to receive their PIN instantly and start to use their card right away
  • Simplified supply chain: without the need to print and ship PIN mailers, logistics and supply chains become simpler and more straightforward
  • Cost savings: time and money are saved compared to postal delivery
  • Leverage sophisticated digital security: issuers’ existing online and mobile services will already use sophisticated digital security and validation technologies, so their customers’ PINs will be protected
  • Environmentally beneficial: moving to digital PIN offerings reduces the amount of printed material that issuers need to produce, eliminating packaging materials and related environmental problems

Convego® ePIN seamlessly integrates with your online banking services. Mobile banking reaches customers anywhere by enabling digital PIN services in issuers’ existing mobile banking apps. SMS service is available for card holders without access to smart technology by offering PIN services securely through SMS.

Convego® ePIN information brochure

Digital first customer PIN services

Here you can read why changing your PIN services to a "digital first" approach is a game changer.

Convego® eActivate: Remove the friction in your activation journey

Bridge the activation gap and move closer to your customers with instant activation services, whenever, and wherever they need.

Adopting eActivate allows issuers to replace or supplement their existing card activation services with new, secure offerings that are more convenient and easier for end customers to navigate. Once active, eActivate facilitates and automates different aspects of card activation and provides the foundation for convenient card activation services.


  • Elevated customer journey: Build a modern, frictionless consumer experience.
  • Secure solution: Offer your customers the ultimate in convenience & security.
  • Resource optimization: Save time and money versus traditional activation processes.
  • ROI growth: Increase ROI through increased customeruse of mobile banking apps.
  • Tailored offerings: Personalized mailers allow sophisticated marketing call to actions and tailoredservice offerings.
  • Flexible integration: Fully and efficiently integrates with other G+D issuance management services.

Convego® eActivate information brochure

Instant activation services

Find out more about our real-time card activation solution, Convego® eActivate, that enables banks to quickly, seamlessly and cost-effectively build a secure, customer-centric immediate activation service.

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