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Convego® Connect APIs – your one-stop shop in the world of card issuance

Of course, our solutions support Open Banking. With this new type of financial technology, we enable you to create your own customized user journeys in the growing world of state-of-the-art payment and financial transactions. In line with the principles of Open Banking and Open APIs, it is logical and consistent for us to introduce, innovate and develop in the area of Open Issuance.

Today, we offer a variety of application programming interfaces (APIs). These can be seamlessly integrated into your application and service environment. Our APIs allow you to create an outstanding and coherent experience for your customers by integrating traditional output services and, most importantly, digital channels and devices. In our developer portal you can discover a new phase in card issuance and digital banking transaction technology to turn your digital transformation vision into reality.

Convego Connect APIs expands your options in digital banking, payment platforms and virtual transactions. It connects previously separated services and user journeys in a convenient plug-and-play approach. With it, you can increase efficiency and adaptability. Moreover, you deliver a faster, smoother and more convenient customer experience. If you're ready to seamlessly connect the physical and virtual worlds and move to smart issuance, you've come to the right place.

The solution is our powerful platform for our issuing services-related APIs. It provides interfaces that easily integrate issuing services and solutions to your offerings – no matter whether they are physical cards like credit cards or other card programs. With our technology, you can not only keep up with the changing expectations of your partner institutions and customers. Our technology offers more. It guarantees that you are always one step ahead of them.


These major benefits will:

  • Provide a resource for your developers for realization of APIs based services
  • Deliver new and differentiating service options for your business along the issuance experience of your customers


  • Create a platform for APIs for your digitalization needs if it comes to open issuance
  • Help you to consider the digitalization of processes in your operating model

Experience Convego® Connect APIs

Providing speed and efficiency and maintaining a high level of customer service are challenges in themselves. Reconciling these with other objectives is really no easy task for payment providers.

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Our portfolio of APIs covers the entire issuing experience and beyond. With advanced solutions such as digital delivery, paper-less documentation and digital wallet integration, our interconnected and integrated portfolio guarantees secure and seamless services. Our portfolio allows you to transport your services into the future. Cardholders can enjoy a smooth and transparent card issuance experience anytime, anywhere and on any device.


Convego® Connect APIs Perso Request is the basis on which to personalize your payment devices

Based on our solutions you can reduce the complexity of issuing cards by centralizing EMV® key management, configuration, EMV® profile selection, as well as data mapping and data generation. Perso Request Use Case delivers ready-to-use EMV® chip data for the personalization process.

Several challenges can be eliminated. You can now utilize several personalisation centers or issue cards to multiple regions or tailor instant issuance environments to various markets. Our all-in-one highly scalable solution is capable of processing thousands of requests per second in real-time. This results in massive efficiency gains for your key management and your multi-portfolio EMV® profile management across the globe. And it goes without saying that you can modify the solution to your own needs. Simply ask us for specific profile implementation.

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Its key features allow you to

  • Reduce the number of personalisation scripts by up to a factor of six
  • Enjoy central card program and portfolio management
  • Use a chip and vendor agnostic personalisation script for all card types and portfolios
  • Onboard new card products across all personalisation providers and channels instantaneously

Convego® Connect APIs Card Status guarantees advanced and faster delivery

With our Card Status APIs you gain full transparency over all delivery related information across multiple logistic paths. The Convego® Connect APIs platform provides users with all production status and shipment tracking information, real-time updates and even predictive timelines of a package delivery to the cardholder.

Put your customer first – for real. With our solution you can reduce call center interactions on status checks, because now you can offer delivery checks via secure APIs on any device.

Another benefit is that with our Card Status APIs you can mitigate the risk of mail fraud or stolen cards and ensure on-time delivery, every time.

Its key features ensure that you can:

  • Constantly monitor service level agreements
  • View real-time status of individual cards, from processing to delivery
  • Develop a consumer-centric experience across any device
  • Lower the risk of fraud or stolen cards

Convego® Tap APIs simplifies authentication

Remove the need for costly call centers and enjoy more convenient authentication with Convego® Tap APIs. It is your prime tool for user-friendly and secure customer authentication. Convego® Tap APIs can be built on already existing hardware.

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The solution provides remote card activation utilizing highly secure authentication. There is no longer any need for either tiresome activation letter processes or costly call centers and branches. Gone are the days of lengthy customer service phone calls due to changed cell phone numbers or devices — back then the card was the only ownership factor and the pin the only knowledge factor. Convego Tap APIs supports a wide array of card types and smartphones and integrates seamlessly into your existing banking app or other virtual systems.

Its key features permit you to:

  • Offer fully remote card activation
  • Use secure existing hardware tokens that customers trust
  • Remove the need for TAN/OTP generators or apps
  • Use PSD2-compliant two-factor registration and two-factor login

Download Convego® Connect APIs brochure

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Next generation card issuance

Globally accessible digital marketplace to access our end-to-end solutions and services to innovate your Card issuance experience. It's your one-stop platform into the realm of card issuance.

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Convego® Connect APIs: experience the difference

Through our developer portal you can discover a new phase in card issuance and digital banking technology to turn your digital transformation vision into a reality.


Download Convego® Connect APIs Briefing

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Central marketplace which enables you to create digital products that transform your consumer experiences

Convego® Connect APIs is G+D’s developer portal. With our portal, you’ll discover a new world of card issuance and digital banking solutions to turn your digital transformation vision into a reality

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