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Convego® Service Market: one platform, endless possibilities

In recent years, the world of payments has undergone several significant changes. The sector's digitalization has necessitated a shift in how businesses manage their card issuance, with automated onboarding kiosks gaining popularity at the expense of in-person branch experiences. At the same time, innovation is pushing the payment card beyond its traditional form, with the prevalence of wearable solutions and unique materials increasing yearly.

Consumers’ evolving demands are essentially driving these changes. The modern customer is time-poor, digitally savvy, and eco-conscious, and innovation and flexibility are needed to design solutions that meet these requirements. With bank branches downsizing, financial institutions face the challenge of maintaining their presence and catering to as broad a market as possible—for example, the growing demographic of people with disabilities and impairments.

This new landscape has implications for financial institutions looking to build next-generation payments and issuance journeys. Existing modular solutions can be overly complex, requiring significant time and investment that many businesses can’t afford. In this climate, there’s a clear need for a simple, integrated solution that empowers companies to take their issuance to the next level.

With Convego® Service Market, you’ll gain access to a wide range of tools and solutions that transform the modern card issuance journey for your card holders in one place.

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Build the payments journeys that matter to you—and your customers

Easily deploy new and innovative solutions from the Service Market swiftly and control the ones you are using.

With the Convego® Service Market Platform, you’ll be able to: 

  • Learn about possible functionalities in the phygital issuance journeys that align with your customers’ needs.
  • Steer your ongoing issuance operations with comprehensive monitoring, analytics, and management tools.
  • Access API-powered digital solutions to elevate your digital issuance experiences.

Convego® Service Market in detail 

  • The phygital journey: Learn about the range of phygital payments and issuance solutions that you can combine to build payment journeys that align with your customers’ specific needs and lifestyles. 
  • Your toolbox: Access the digital tools you need to successfully manage your issuance operations, from stocks to samples, storage to recycling, all from one convenient portal.
  • SDK and APIs: Discover a range of smart enhancements to your digital payments and banking journeys, easily deployed into your existing digital estates. Upgrade your initial customer and card issuance experiences without investing in large-scale technology.


Choose to implement new authentication solutions that leverage the power of biometrics or to offer your customers the power to design their own payment cards, or look for a functionality in the journey that makes your difference.

Commercial Banks and Fintechs

  • Find out about the functionalities that fit your needs that are deployable
  • Check availability from one place
  • Learn about interoperability with other and existing infrastructure


  • Get fast access to the resources you need for integration
  • Draw on G+D’s expertise and resources
  • Use solutions that are easily integrated


One platform, endless possibilities


Learn how Convego® Service Market can help you build a customer journey perfectly aligned to their needs.

Innovative apps to deliver digital optimization

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Learn how Convego® Service Market’s range of applications and APIs can help you create the most efficient issuance experience possible.

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