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Securely automate your card issuance operations with Convego® Connect UX

User Experience (UX) is an integral part of today’s business world. More than that, UX is a differentiator, especially true for financial institutions and issuers. Therefore, we offer a dedicated card issuance management portal tailored to your needs. It provides a single point of entry to the most important card issuance applications. These essential applications have been designed to bring transparency, improve communication, increase efficiency, reduce friction, and provide an end-to-end view of information that is relevant to your business.

We have designed a portal to meet all the above expectations. But we haven't stopped here. Our focus is not just on card issuance, we set the bar higher and bring in more automation into the overall card management process.

The Convego Connect UX Portal takes into consideration both the manufacturing and personalization of cards.

In turn our system reduces friction and increases the quality of communication. The portal is scalable as per business needs and we are constantly adding more applications. These are going to make information flow seamless by providing all relevant data. This helps businesses to make decisions proactively.

Key Benefits

  • Complete visibility: Monitor and manage your card inventory levels – from a total-estate overview to granular, per-site inspection
  • Increased efficiency: Accurate inventory management enables more efficient pl–om any place via our system
  • Vendor agnostic: Our portal can be configured to work with any supplier, leaving you free to select the vendors you want to work with
  • Multi language: Support for multiple languages to lead to truly global operations

Tackle the out-of-stock challenges – with Convego® Connect UX

Convego® Connect UX enables the optimization of your card personalization and issuing flows. It is easy-to-use and gives you complete visibility of your stock and inventory levels.

Our system is ready to use and accessible through a simple, secure web portal. You as an issuer, your vendors and your partners can easily share issuance relevant data in one place. This allows a holistic and accurate view of your supply position and enables detailed forecasting and planning models.

Convego® Connect UX – key modules

  • Convego Connect UX drive: To manage and update all documentation around your products supported by instant notifications. Puts an end to bulky email traffic, calls and faxes
  • Convego Connect UX inventory: Alerts to eradicate stock-outs so you never miss an opportunity again. An additional prediction logic provides indication on stock reach further.
  • Convego Connect UX track: Gives a 360-degree view of your campaign and keeps you updated every step of the way along the issuance process.
  • Convego Connect UX pull: Automated acknowledgment and creation of pull requests to pull and potentially redirect cards during the issuance process.

Download Convego® Connect UX Briefing

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Change the way you do inventory monitoring and forecasting

Everything about our application for controlling card inventory

Download Convego® Connect UX Case study

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Case study of european bank

See how a leading european financial institution transformed its card inventory management.

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