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Payment cards. Although they all have the same shape, they can be so different. Some have attractive designs. Others are issued to premium users and stand out because they are made of metal. And others still are rather standard. Yet the demands placed on smart cards by consumers and financial institutions have increased dramatically in recent years. Today expectations range from measures to protect sensitive information when used offline all the way to support for cost-effective marketing tools for issuers. Our smart cards address these requirements and more.

Above all, the most important thing is that your customers continue to pay their expenses using your smart cards. Globally, around 70 percent of the cards in use are Europay, MasterCard, and Visa, or EMV for short. What they all have in common is that they are smart cards with a chip, backed by the most secure and versatile chip technology available. However, their security features protect only in-person card and mobile payments, not online purchases.

Our next logical step was to add an extra security level to protect the issuing financial institutions, merchants, and cardholders against online payment fraud. We do this by delivering security for the operating systems and applications, as well as for the card or alternative form factor itself. With our innovative technical solutions and individualization services, you can turn conventional smart cards into powerful service-providing tools.

We always offer the best solution – so you can offer the best card

Our comprehensive state-of-the-art portfolio comprises high-end smart cards and mobile applications for debit, credit, prepaid, and transit use cases. Our goal, however, is more future looking than just providing the technology for the purposes originally intended. We aspire to keep providing more, much more. Today we already have biometric smart cards with additional security. Our research group continually identifies future-forward developments and applications, going further and further to enable access, security, and attractiveness with every step.

Individualization has become so crucial to success in today’s ultra-competitive environment. We explore new materials, new functionalities, and new printing techniques to continually push your card portfolios to the top of your users’ wallets. We offer premium smart cards made of metal, for example. We also have a broad portfolio of eco-cards. Our card designs include a cosmos of special surfaces, effects, techniques, and form factors that turn your card into a unique device. Our teams have developed a full range of customization services, including photo and picture smart cards.

We offer a vast choice of materials and on-card shapes. In addition to tailored solutions, we offer standardized, high-volume smart cards. Of course, we meet country-specific requirements. With decades of experience in card technology, we understand how to fulfill your needs.

G+D is one of the leading providers of payment offerings, with a strong emphasis on securing transactions in both the online and offline space.

Juniper Research

Meanwhile, users widely accept contactless payment with smart cards at the point of sale. Indeed, we offer excellent solutions for contactless cards, with our dual interface smart cards taking center stage. Dual interface cards are smart cards whose chips offer two data interfaces. In contrast to hybrid cards, where two different chips or a chip and a magnetic stripe are embedded in one card, dual interface cards have one chip representing both interfaces. Thus, the card can be used for contact or contactless (RFID) purposes.

So what’s missing? One aspect cannot be overlooked: smart cards must be secure. The high fraud rates associated with magnetic stripe cards were the driving force behind the global adoption of EMV smart cards featuring new security technologies. Our smart card portfolio incorporates the latest EMV standard, which represents the most secure and versatile payment card chip technology available.

While EMV cards are now standard in many parts of the world, some issuers still rely on old magnetic stripe card technology. With ever tougher regulations for magnetic stripe card transactions, upgrading is now a necessity rather than an option. We have successfully completed EMV migration projects in over 50 countries and have a proven track record in developing EMV solutions. We are the best partner to ensure optimal functionality, security, and smooth integration. With our modular set of services and products, you are sure to find a solution that fulfills your exact technical requirements without breaking your budget.

Fintech offerings

For Fintechs to succeed, understanding the underlying payments landscape is as key as working with the right partner: G+D and Fintechs, a partnership for success!


Pledge 2030

End the use of virgin plastic in payment card products by 2030

Giesecke+Devrient (G+D) pledges to replace all virgin plastic in its payment card products latest by 2030 to further enable consumers and banks to fulfill their own sustainability aspirations. G+D is the first in the payment industry to make such a commitment and we expect the industry to follow suit. Download our infographic now.

Products and solutions

Cards to put you at the top of the wallet

Our solutions put you as an issuer at the very top of your customers' wallets. Through design, materials, and technology, you can create a unique smart card that gives expression to both the bank’s and your customer’s values.

Our card technology for extra security

Quite simply, security is a must. No card should be issued without the very best security technology available. With our smart cards, you are always ahead of the curve. Our products and solutions exceed every industry standard and always will – regardless of what the future may bring.

World-class contactless ticketing cards

The ever-growing number of passengers on urban transit networks is overwhelming operators in many cities and in many countries. Solutions to enable higher passenger throughput and to leverage the full capacity of the infrastructure is crucial. 

Inside the card

Invented in 1950, payment cards became especially popular in the mid-1990s. At about that time, the magnetic stripe started to be replaced by a microprocessor chip. The specification of the chip-based payment system was carried out by EMVCo, a company jointly created by Europay, Mastercard and Visa. Right now, roughly 70% of all payment cards worldwide are EMV compliant, and the market is continuing to grow.

Explore our card issuance services

Card issuance services

With our card issuance solutions and services, you can deliver a truly differentiated customer experience across both physical and digital touchpoints. All the while, you have full control, visibility, and traceability across the complete issuance process.


More insights into smart cards

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