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Mobile wallet that extends your customer relationship beyond payments

In this fast-paced digital world, consumers are increasingly turning toward their mobiles, so what role can banks play to enable consumers with a superior mobile banking experience? 

The white-label mobile wallet powered by Netcetera enables your customers a mobile payment service to go beyond payments.

It is a highly configurable, fully brandable, and secure mobile wallet that enables tap-to-pay for mobile devices based on the leading international card payment schemes, providing your customers with a cutting-edge payment experience and added value. 

The integration into your existing app – where your cardholders already check their account balance and transactions – will give them the confidence to try the new payment features and enjoy faster checkouts without taking out their leather wallet.

Infographic on different layers of Mobile Wallet powered by Netcetera


Let your customers experience the future of mobile payment

  • Faster time-to-market: Our ready-to-use app enables fast go-live, plus numerous in-built customization options also allow for product differentiation 
  • Flexible setup and integration: Standard mobile app, custom UI, or third-party modules - with our integration layer we make the connection to your backend systems simple 
  • Secure and compliant: Our app complies with the latest security and regulatory standards – from biometric login to payment authorization with 3-D Secure SCA. 
  • Mobile and Digital First: Supporting you in all stages of your customers’ digital payment journey: Enable your customers to acquire, use, manage, and engage with their payment cards and much more on our app.

Maximize your consumers’ payment experience

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Going beyond payments

Cover of the whitepaper Going beyond payments

Traditional banks cannot avoid adapting to the new requirements and desires of their customers if they want to stay relevant. After all, payment is not seen just as a transaction anymore but rather as an experience. The focus, therefore, should be on creating a compelling mobile super wallet that cuts across all situations in life.

Download the whitepaper we created with the technology think tank 'CORE' to learn more about 'how banks can be an integral part of their customers’ digitally connected lifestyles?'

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