High-Performance Banknote Processing Systems

G+D Currency Technology offers scalable solutions for cash centers of any size, for reliable and efficient banknote processing. High-precision sensor technologies form the core of systems.

The range and functionalities of banknote processing systems from G+D Currency Technology are as diverse and individual as the needs of their operators. Whether at central banks or commercial cash centers of any size, casinos, bank branches or backoffices in retail, we offer outstanding reliability, efficiency, and security in every processing step – from banknote assessment to sorting. In addition, all systems feature precise, high-end sensors, a long-life cycle including a broad range of services, ease-of-use and scalability ensuring a first-rate cost/benefit ratio.

Highspeed Systems


Offering maximum productvitiy that easily adopts to high-end business requirements: The modular High-Speed World for high volume commercial cash centers perfectly links banknote processing and smart logistics.

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Maximum security and efficiency in the high-speed world of central banks, coupled with the flawless integration of automation systems.

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The system sets new standards for speed and productivity in banknote testing at printing plants. A fully integrated packaging system further enhances efficiency, in a design distinguished by clean lines and intuitive operation.

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Compact Systems

BPS® A1-1

BPS® A1-1 is a compact unit ideal for cash counters and back offices for banknotes counting and sorting. It is also fit for public transport authorities and retails.

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BPS® C3-3

BPS® C3-3 is G+D's new 3-pockets banknote sorter. With the design of 3 output stackers and 1 reject pocket, BPS® C3-3 supports the operators for rapid sorting of large volume of cash by denomination, fitness, series and orientation effectively.

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BPS® C3-4

BPS® C3-4 is G+D’s new 4+2 pocket banknote sorter. With the design of 4 output stackers and 2 reject pockets, BPS® C3-4 supports the operators for rapid sorting of large volume of cash by denomination, fitness, series and orientation effectively.

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ProNote 1.5 and 1.5F: Comfortable and Compact Processing Power

Combining cutting-edge sensor technology and compact design, ProNote 1.5 enables cash centers, banks and casinos to meet extremely rigorous requirements for counting, sorting and the authentication of banknotes. 

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ProNote 300

The compact ProNote 300 is steadfast in its speed but flexible in its functionality. Its condensed power and intuitive design allow this hand portable device to swiftly process banknotes according to numerous personalized preferences.

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Compact and versatile, the BPS® C1 is robust and offers high-performance. It combines ease of use with a small footprint and high cost-efficiency.

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BPS® C2 Product Family

The BPS® C2 product family offers superior productivity, the utmost security, and a compact, attractive design with a very high level of user-friendliness.

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The future-proof compact solution for cash centers with up to 20 delivery stackers offers an array of features for optimizing workflows, reducing costs, and improving productivity in banknote processing.

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The BPS® C6 offers high-level performance, excellent usability and troughput of the fastest level. Perfect for cash centers, commercial banks and casinos with medium to large banknote volumes.

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